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KicksWrap: Your Ultimate Solution for Sneaker Care

Here's all you need to keep your kicks in pristine condition.

KicksWrap: Your Ultimate Solution for Sneaker Care
KicksWrap: Your Ultimate Solution for Sneaker Care

KicksWrap will be hosting a Sneaker Care Workshop at the SNKRDUNK Singapore Flagship Store on 25 May, 2024! For further details, visit the page here.


Do you ever consider dirt, stains, or impurities when it comes to your regularly worn sneakers? Some may argue it’s inevitable since shoes are essentially consumables.

This notion may hold true as various factors can affect the condition of your kicks, including heel drags, damages from individual use, and odors resulting from lack of cleaning. Such scenarios often lead to the disposal of the sneakers or their recycling.

On the contrary, sneakers are consumables that are also treated as luxury goods, much like wines. They undergo various treatments: being kept in storage or displayed in museums once they achieve vintage status. This implies that they possess inherent value as consumables.

Among these, whether driven by personal preferences, historical significance, or design, sneaker enthusiasts find various ways to indulge in sneaker consumption, often at high prices. Therefore, for such individuals, it’s questionable whether they would allow factors such as damages and odors to affect their cherished pairs of sneakers.

The answer would likely be “No” in 99.9% of cases.

While some may assume that such sentiments are exclusive to the sneaker community, we beg to differ. Consider the pair of shoes that supported you during your workday or the ones you purchased for your child’s school and outdoor activities. We strongly believe that they should be cherished and treated well.

A beautiful pair of shoes should support and instill confidence in one’s daily life. Given the hectic nature of modern lifestyles, it’s crucial that shoe care is convenient. This is where KicksWrap’s product comes into play.

In Japan, the late ’90s marked a pivotal period for the sneaker market, with many recognizing it as an investment opportunity. Sneaker pairs from that era were meticulously maintained and are now revered as “vintage”.

However, without the widespread use of the internet and social media, many had to rely on their own methods for shoe care. Nevertheless, through knowledge passed down from those times, we now have a clearer understanding of the reverence and care required to preserve sneakers.

In this guide, we will explore various products offered by KicksWrap that are essential for modern sneakerheads.


Who Is KicksWrap?

Founded in 2016, KicksWrap is a Tokyo-based shoe care brand specializing in a range of products, centered around their concept of “Product of Premium Kicks”. With a catalog featuring over 40 unique yet affordable products, the brand has garnered attention from not only young sneaker consumers but also previous generations.

Since 2023, the brand has been actively producing video content highlighting tips and emphasizing the importance of sneaker cleaning, showcasing the effectiveness of their products.

Below, we will delve into the different product categories offered by KicksWrap.

Care Products

KicksWrap Foam Shoe Care Kit

Foam Shoe Care Kit

Lately, foam-style detergents designed specifically for sneakers have become increasingly popular. What’s convenient about them is that they’re formulated for use without water, saving you from the hassle of prep work, and they avoid creating a mess like regular cleaning agents do.

The Foam Cleaner is versatile, capable of effectively cleaning all the basic materials commonly found in sneakers. This includes genuine or synthetic leather, as well as materials like suede, nubuck, canvas, and mesh. It provides ample cleaning power to handle both light dirt and tougher stains, such as food spills.

The set includes a natural pig hair brush, which serves various purposes from pre-cleaning brushing to the actual cleaning process. Its moderate firmness effectively removes impurities, ensuring thorough cleaning.

Here’s a demonstration of the cleaning process using the Foam Shoe Care Kit.

KicksWrap Foam Cleaner (200ml)

Foam Cleaner (200ml)

The 200ml Foam Cleaner, an upsized version of the 60ml one included in the Foam Shoe Care Kit, not only allows for sharing among family members due to its generous volume but also serves as a perfect replacement purchase.

KicksWrap Utility Brush

Utility Brush

The Utility Brush features a two-way design, incorporating a horsehair brush and a brass brush on each side. The horsehair bristles are soft, ideal for dust removal and enhancing the shine of natural leather, while the brass bristles excel at cleaning midsoles and rubber outsoles.

When used in conjunction with the Foam Cleaner, the brass bristles can effectively remove stubborn black marks on rubber soles that would not typically come off during regular cleaning.

KicksWrap Stain Remover

Stain Remover

This powerful stain remover effectively eliminates stubborn oil stains from sneakers and can be used on a wide range of materials, especially those where such stains are more noticeable. Its compact, pen-like design makes it convenient for both portable and home use.

Its versatility extends beyond sneakers, as it performs well as a stain remover for cherished clothing and hats, making it an essential item for any individual.

KicksWrap Utility Eraser

Utility Eraser

Drawing inspiration from traditional eraser designs, the Utility Eraser boasts a versatile build capable of tackling a broad spectrum of stains and materials.

The White Side is tailored for removing black marks from leather and midsoles, while the Black Side functions as a sand eraser for sneakers. This allows the foam to penetrate deeper into the fibers, effectively lifting dirt from textured materials like suede and nubuck.

KicksWrap Cleaning Wipes 20pcs

Cleaning Wipes 20pcs

The Cleaning Wipes set consists of 20 wipes, each with two distinct surfaces: a plain side and a textured side for effective dirt removal. Individually wrapped for convenience, they are compact and portable, perfect for any emergency use.

KicksWrap Yellow Remover

Yellow Remover

The Yellow Remover is designed to restore yellowed sole parts of sneakers back to their original white condition, even after frequent wear. With no need for additional special equipment, it prolongs the longevity of the sneaker’s aesthetic.

Here’s a demonstration of the cleaning process using the Yellow Remover.


KicksWrap AIR Insole

AIR Insole

One issue that sneakerheads face with retro-turned sneaker models is that they aren’t necessarily the most comfortable.

However, the AIR Insole addresses this with high repulsion EVA foam and a mesh layer, providing optimal comfort and breathability. Available in sizes M (25—27cm) and L (28—30cm), the insole can also be cut to fit women’s sizes under 25cm.

KicksWrap Shoe Guards 2.0

Shoe Guards 2.0

The Shoe Guards 2.0 prevent creasing of the toe box and cracking of the leather uppers and midsole components, preserving the value of your cherished pair. They also feature a deodorant film on the interior to help prevent odor, effectively killing two birds with one stone.

KicksWrap Easy Shoelaces

Easy Shoelaces

Have you ever found lacing your shoes a hassle, especially with high-cut sneakers where loosening the shoelaces for a better fit results in a sloppy look?

The Easy Shoelaces solve this problem with a stretchy material that provides a fast, snug fit without a rubbery texture. Equipped with metal lace tips, they add a sophisticated touch to your sneakers. Available in five colors and two lengths—120cm for low-tops and 160cm for high-tops—they suit various models.



The KicksWrap is a sneaker shrink film designed to prevent hydrolysis, which can cause shoes to crumble and break apart after prolonged periods of disuse. It’s perfect for individuals who switch shoes seasonally and want to store them in pristine condition. For optimal results, add desiccants (Dryers) and a Deodorant Shoe Keeper.

At first, the entire sneaker cleaning process may seem daunting. However, why not begin with something as simple as brushing your shoes after each day?

We believe that as you observe the small improvements each step brings to your sneakers, you’ll develop a greater appreciation for both your shoes and the cleaning process. From there, it’s wise to invest more effort in the care and treatment of your footwear.

Many exciting products from KicksWrap remain unexplored in this article, along with future plans for the brand. To all sneaker enthusiasts, remember to follow them on Instagram for the latest updates.

Moreover, KicksWrap will be hosting a Sneaker Care Workshop at the SNKRDUNK Singapore Flagship Store on 25 May, 2024! For further details, visit the page here.

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