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16th April 2024 EDT FEATURES

Top Sustainable Fashion Brands For Earth-Friendly Streetwear

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The fashion industry has a significant environmental impact. From resource extraction to production and disposal, traditional clothing can leave a heavy footprint. But a growing movement is changing the game – sustainable streetwear! This Earth Day, let’s celebrate brands pushing boundaries and proving that style doesn’t have to come at the cost of the planet.

Consumer interest in sustainable fashion is surging, with 73% of millennials and 75% of Gen Z willing to invest more in sustainability. The market, valued at $11.2 million in 2023, is projected to grow to $27.2 million by 2033, reflecting a strong demand for eco-friendly apparel.

This shift in consumer consciousness is a powerful signal for change. Sustainable streetwear brands are innovating with eco-friendly materials, ethical production practices, and timeless designs built to last.

From sneakers crafted from apple peels and grape stalks to denim dyed in eco-friendly hues and swimwear from recycled plastic bottles, these pioneers are transforming waste into wonder and ethics into aesthetics. It’s not just about looking good – it’s about feeling good knowing your wardrobe choices are part of a more sustainable future.

Best Sustainable Streetwear Brands Today

1. Thaely

Sustainable Fashion Brands- Sustainable Streetwear and Sneakers

Founded by Ashay Bhave, Thaely isn’t just about stylish sneakers – it’s about redefining sustainable fashion. Their vegan footwear is crafted from innovative materials like ThaelyTex, a fabric made from recycled plastic bags. But Thaely’s commitment goes beyond the environment. They champion social justice by offering fair wages and education to waste management workers in India, setting a new standard for ethical practices.

Recognized by PETA and with a Best Sneaker Award under their belt, Thaely is a symbol of responsible manufacturing and a beacon for ethical fashion.


Sustainable Fashion Brands- Sustainable Streetwear and Sneakers

ID.EIGHT merges fashion with sustainability, crafting eco-friendly sneakers from food industry waste and recycled materials. Born from the partnership of Dong Seon Lee, a creative designer from Korea, and Giuliana Borzillo an Italian brand manager, who met in the footwear industry, ID.EIGHT embodies the vision of creating stylish, low-impact footwear.

This unique brand from Italy combines 90s-inspired designs with modern eco-conscious practices. Officially launched in 2020 via a successful crowdfunding campaign, ID.EIGHT stands as a testament to sustainable innovation in fashion.

3. ISTO.pt

Sustainable Fashion Brands- Sustainable Streetwear and Sneakers

Based in Portugal, ISTO. is distinguished in the fashion industry for prioritizing quality over quantity and maintaining independence from fleeting trends. Their singular, continuously available collection emphasizes essential garments crafted from organic materials, ensuring both style and longevity.

The brand champions transparency, openly detailing the costs and production processes to consumers and adheres to stringent social responsibility standards in their factories. Committed to minimal environmental impact, ISTO. exclusively collaborates with GOTS-certified suppliers, setting a new standard in ethical consumerism and sustainable practices.

4. Colorful Standard

Sustainable Fashion Brands- Sustainable Streetwear and Sneakers

Based in Copenhagen with manufacturing in Barcelos, Portugal, Colorful Standard sets a high benchmark in sustainable fashion by focusing on organic, ethically-produced essentials designed for longevity over trends.

Certified by OEKO-TEX to ensure no harmful chemicals are used, the brand adopts a zero-waste initiative, employing environmentally-friendly dyes across 41 vibrant shades and ensuring all production materials are fully utilized. Dedicated to ethical practices, Colorful Standard ensures fair wages and uses local suppliers, offering timeless products that advocate against over-consumption and contribute to a more sustainable future in fashion.

5. 1083

Sustainable Fashion Brands- Sustainable Streetwear and Sneakers

In 2013, Thomas Huriez and his brother Grégoire launched 1083 in Romans-sur-Isère, aiming to revive French jeans production sustainably. They succeeded beyond expectations with a crowdfunding campaign, selling 1,000 jeans and setting a foundation for local manufacturing within 1083 km—the maximum distance between two points in France.

This initiative helped preserve French textile craftsmanship and supported a network of 30 local workshops, reinforcing a sustainable manufacturing ecosystem.


Sustainable Fashion Brands- Sustainable Streetwear and Sneakers

WAWWA, a Manchester-based clothing brand founded by brothers Sean and Andrew, places a profound emphasis on sustainability and ethical practices. Starting with the vision to transform how people view their clothing choices, WAWWA produces organic, fair-trade, and vegan apparel designed to last longer and minimize environmental impact. The brand’s commitment to social good is exemplified in their 1+1 collection, where for each item sold, another is donated to someone in need.


Sustainable Fashion Brands- Sustainable Streetwear and Sneakers

Veja is redefining the sneaker industry with its sustainable approach, crafting shoes exclusively from eco-friendly materials in Brazil. Their sneakers, known for their stylish minimalism, utilize natural rubber from the Amazon and vegetable-tanned leather. Since 2005, Veja has integrated social projects, ecological materials, and economic justice into their production, operating under high standards in Brazil and Portugal. They’ve maintained a robust ethical stance by ensuring fair wages and safe working conditions, far removed from the exploitation seen in typical manufacturing hubs.

8. Po-Zu

Sustainable Fashion Brands- Sustainable Streetwear and Sneakers

Po-Zu began its journey in 2006 in the humble setting of a small back room in Islington, London. Standing at the forefront of ethical and sustainable footwear, the brand champions a business model that prioritizes the health of both people and the planet. The brand’s name, derived from the Japanese word ポーズ meaning “to pause,” reflects its commitment to slowing down the fast pace of modern life and the harmful impacts of conventional footwear production.

Po-Zu shoes are crafted from natural and sustainable materials, ensuring comfort and style without compromising ethical standards. Each pair is produced in factories that adhere strictly to a charter for fair wages and safe working conditions. With a clear mission to counteract the rapid consumption trends fueled by Fast Fashion, Po-Zu is dedicated to creating durable and beloved footwear that supports both the environment and its workers.

This Earth Day, let’s look good, feel good, and do good by committing to support and celebrate these sustainable streetwear brands.

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