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23rd May 2024 EDT FEATURES

KicksWrap: A Guide to Cleaning White Sneakers

A step-by-step guide to keeping your white kicks looking fresh and clean.

KicksWrap: A Guide to Cleaning White Sneakers
KicksWrap: A Guide to Cleaning White Sneakers

KicksWrap will be hosting a Sneaker Care Workshop at the SNKRDUNK Singapore Flagship Store on 25 May, 2024! For further details, visit the page here.


Before we delve into the main theme, do you consider sneaker care a lifestyle habit? It may seem troublesome to many, but the benefits of sneaker cleaning are substantial. White sneakers, in particular, are highly susceptible to dirt, stains, and impurities.

To address these concerns, KicksWrap, a Tokyo-based sneaker care brand, demonstrates the cleaning process using a classic pair of Nike Air Force 1 Lows. They showcase how to effectively use their products and share tips to look out for during the process.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the step-by-step guide below.

KicksWrap How to Clean White Sneakers

1. Insert a Deodorant Shoe Keeper

Inserting a Deodorant Shoe Keeper into your shoes helps stretch the creased areas around the toe box, providing a balanced surface for more thorough cleaning with the shoe brush. Make this step a standard part of every cleaning session.

KicksWrap How to Clean White Sneakers

2. Remove your shoelaces

Keeping your shoes unlaced plays a very important role in the cleaning process. Dirt tends to get trapped underneath the shoelaces when they are tied. By removing the laces, you can thoroughly clean away any impurities, preventing accumulation over time and reducing the need for additional cleaning later.

Before proceeding with cleaning, thoroughly brush your shoes. This removes the top layer of dirt from the uppers, allowing the detergent to penetrate more effectively without excessive use.

3. Apply Foam Cleaner

Prepare the Foam Cleaner, which is part of the Foam Shoe Care Kit. You can apply it to the brush or directly onto the shoe, according to your preference. The foam is designed to work on its own, eliminating the need to prepare a bowl of water before each cleaning session.

4. Wipe using Microfiber Towel

It’s important to use a highly absorbent towel to wipe off the contaminated foam from your shoes, as any leftover detergent can cause the surface to yellow over time. This is where the Cleaning Microfiber Towel comes in handy.

5. Proceed with sole unit

As demonstrated on the upper, the cleaned area has turned white. Once you see this, proceed to the midsole and outsole areas. If there are stubborn spots on the sole that the Foam Cleaner can’t remove, use the Utility Brush and the white surface of the Utility Eraser to tackle them once your shoes are dry.

6. Cleaning of shoelaces

Now that your shoe is sparkling clean, let’s finish by cleaning the shoelaces.

Hand washing is the best way to avoid damaging the fibers and effectively remove dirt. Apply the Cleaner Foam to the entire lace and gently rub it with your hands. For particularly dirty spots, pinch them with your fingertips and scrub thoroughly.

7. Dry your shoes

The final step, of course, is drying your shoes and laces. Make sure to do this in an indoor area with good ventilation. Excessive sunlight exposure can damage the fabrics of the shoes.

Sneaker care may seem like a professional task, but this article demonstrates its simplicity and convenience. Regular care is a crucial habit that extends the lifespan of your beloved kicks.

For a comprehensive video guide, check out KicksWrap’s post here.

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