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19th April 2024 EDT FEATURES

25 Years of sacai: A Retrospective of Iconic Collaborations

Here's a curated list of our top sacai collabs to date.


2024 marks the official 25th anniversary of sacai, the iconic fashion house helmed by Japanese female designer Chitose Abe.

Initially focused on women’s knitwear, the brand has evolved to offer a diverse range of unisex items, transitioning from humble beginnings in home-based exhibitions to prestigious showcases at Paris Fashion Week.

Guided by the concept of “Designs built upon daily life”, sacai is renowned for its reinterpretation of “standard” designs, infusing them with deconstructive and elegant elements to breathe new life into familiar forms.

In celebration of this significant milestone, we’ve curated a list of sacai’s finest collaborations, highlighting the seamless synergy between Chitose Abe and her esteemed partners.

Without further ado, here are our top sacai collabs to date:

sacai x Nike

Best sacai Collabs Nike

If sacai collaborations come to mind, Nike is certainly one of the first brands that springs to thought. Undoubtedly one of their most successful partnerships to date, the sacai x Nike series has played a pivotal role in shaping the current landscape of designer fashion and streetwear collabs.

Alongside their apparel collection, the duo’s range of footwear models truly stands out. From unique creations like the VaporWaffle and LD Waffle to reimagined classics such as the Cortez and Blazers, each pair strikes a perfect balance between the elements of both brands.

Furthermore, the duo has broadened the collaborative project by enlisting noteworthy partners including fragment, KAWS, and CLOT for various releases throughout the years.

sacai x Carhartt WIP

Best sacai Collabs Carhartt WIP

A relatively recent addition to sacai’s catalog, the sacai x Carhartt WIP collaboration beautifully exemplifies the former’s meticulous attention to detail, while embracing the allure of hybrid fashion.

By reinterpreting the utilitarian offerings of the workwear label, Chitose Abe infuses a sense of refinement through her choice of silhouette and materials.

This includes knitted chore coats, canvas longline parkas, and sweaters. Similarly, the incorporation of suiting bonding dresses, duck shorts, and other pieces showcases Carhartt’s distinctive detailing within sacai’s signature deconstructed aesthetic.

sacai x WTAPS

Best sacai Collabs WTAPS

When two prominent figures in a particular field join forces, it’s almost always a surefire recipe for success. That’s precisely what we witness with the partnership between Chitose Abe and Tetsu Nishiyama.

Leveraging their sacai and WTAPS brands, the duo presents a special release that seamlessly blends both brands’ distinctive aesthetics. Featuring a lineup of shirts and trousers inspired by WTAPS’ signature silhouettes, sacai introduces an avant-garde touch with the use of satin, nylon, and ripstop materials, along with deconstructive detailing.

sacai x Clarks

Best sacai Collabs Clarks

With alternative footwear making a significant impact on current trends, sacai and Clarks Originals swiftly answered the needs of streetwear enthusiasts with their Wallabee collection. Naturally, the duo presents a design that challenges the conventional silhouette.

Available in two renditions, the sacai x Clarks Wallabee features new sole-units, including an exaggerated oversized Vibram “super sole.” Initially released exclusively in Japan, this collaboration quickly rises to prominence, becoming a notable addition to each brand’s offerings.

sacai x KAWS

Best sacai Collabs KAWS

Some proclaim “Fashion is a form of art”, and the sacai x KAWS collaboration exemplifies this sentiment. Seamlessly blending the realms of fashion and art, the duo’s collection transcends mere display, transforming art into wearable expression.

Reflecting the vibrant aesthetic of the American artist, the collection showcases a radiant color palette adorning modern garments, including pleated skirts, cropped high-neck sweaters, and distinctive bags.

sacai x A.P.C

Best sacai Collabs A.P.C.

Unveiled as part of A.P.C.’s “A.P.C. INTERACTION” campaign, the sacai x A.P.C. collaboration marks the ninth installment in the consecutive lineup of releases.

Offering a range of unisex items spanning apparel, footwear, and bags, the duo presents a playful approach to co-branding by combining their names into “sa.p.c.ai”.

This motif adorns selected logo pieces, including t-shirts, sweats, totes, and waist bags. Additionally, denims, a signature offering by the French brand, undergo a revamp with layered textures, reflecting sacai’s hybrid approach on fabric manipulation.

sacai x Moncler

Best sacai Collabs Moncler

A collaboration we never expected, yet swiftly embraced by the devoted followers of both brands. Fueled by the concept of “From the mountains to evening wear”, the duo has unveiled a collection that reimagines outdoor gear.

This transformation involves infusing Moncler’s timeless pieces with sacai’s contemporary flair, employing deconstructive details that empower individuals to customize according to their preferences.

sacai x PORTER

Best sacai Collabs PORTER

The collaboration between sacai and PORTER has never been more successful, given their shared emphasis on attention to detail and craftsmanship.

Over multiple releases, the duo has presented an extensive array of bag models, featuring durable nylon fabrics and intricate detailing, including asymmetrical pockets, additional fasteners, and unique material accents.

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