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1st January 2024 EDT FEATURES

Sneaker News Exposé: 2023’s Big Breaks

A year of unexpected collabs, industry shake-ups, and heart-racing heists that redefined the sneaker cosmos

Sneaker News Exposé: 2023’s Big Breaks
Sneaker News Exposé: 2023’s Big Breaks

Ready to unravel the tales that shook the sneaker world and had everyone talking? The 2023 sneaker news front was ablaze with stories that sent shockwaves through the hearts of sneaker aficionados worldwide. It was a year that turbocharged the sneaker cosmos with high-octane collabs, industry shake-ups, and heart-racing heists. 

Lace-up; we’re embarking on a recap journey through the sizzling hot sneaker news highlights that defined an unforgettable year!

Dominating the News Cycle were:

End of an Era Sneaker News: Tom Sachs and Nike Part Ways

Sneaker News: Tom Sachs and Nike Part Ways

In a significant turn of events for sneaker news this year, Nike officially ended its collaboration with designer Tom Sachs amid controversy. This decision followed allegations of Sachs’ inappropriate behavior in the workplace. 

Despite the prior success of their earlier collaborations, including the high-value Nike Mars Yard 1 and 2, and speculation about future releases like the rumored Nike Mars Yard 3.0, Nike confirmed no forthcoming projects with Sachs.

Paris in Awe: MSCHF x Crocs Makes Sneaker News Headlines

Sneaker News: Paris takes note of MSCHF x Crocs

2023 witnessed the MSCHF x Crocs collaboration during Paris Fashion Week, launching the outlandish Big Yellow Boots. Priced between US$350-450 and popularized by stars like Paris Hilton, and many others, these oversized, cartoon-like boots inspired by the Japanese video game character Astro Boy blurred the lines between high fashion and playful absurdity, becoming viral hits. 

Embodying internet-era humor and the trend of statement footwear, they showcased the sneaker industry’s shift towards attention-grabbing, unconventional designs.

YEEZY’s Phoenix Rise: Sneaker News Chronicles the Post-Ye Comeback

Sneaker News: YEEZY's Phoenix Rise

2023 saw the sneaker world buzzing as adidas, in a daring pivot, revived the YEEZY line amidst its turbulent split with Ye (formerly known as Kanye West). Despite grappling with nearly a decade of West’s contentious conduct and a PR crisis sparked by his antisemitic comments, adidas bravely concluded their partnership. 

However, in an unexpected twist, the brand reignited excitement by resuming YEEZY sales. This shrewd move significantly mitigated potential financial losses. adidas’ move to offload the YEEZY inventory and pledge to support affected communities spun a tale of controversy, resilience, and savvy business in the ever-dynamic sneaker universe.

Fear of God x adidas: Sneaker News Spotlights a Luxury Leap

Sneaker News: Fear of God x adidas

In a bold move for 2023, adidas and Jerry Lorenzo’s Fear of God united to launch Fear of God Athletics, marking a pivotal evolution in luxury sportswear. The collaboration debuted with a diverse range of products from high-fashion basketball sneakers to luxury leisurewear. 

The line, blending high fashion with functional performance, is set to redefine the landscape of athletic wear with its “performathleisure” aesthetic. With the first collection unveiled at the iconic Hollywood Bowl, Fear of God Athletics is seen as a potential successor to fill the YEEZY void, offering an upscale yet accessible new vision for both brands. 

CLOT’s adidas Adventure: Sneaker News on a Fresh Chapter

Sneaker News: CLOTs adidas adventure

In 2023, Edison Chen’s CLOT embarked on an exciting new chapter, shifting from a two-decade-long collaboration with Nike to a fresh journey with adidas. This significant industry transition was marked by the debut of the Gazelle and Superstar sneakers during CLOT’s SS24 runway show. 

This collaboration is a part of Chen’s broader mission to cultivate a “team of local Chinese creatives,” empowering and providing opportunities through the “Earn Your Stripes” initiative with adidas. 

As CLOT and adidas gear up for their Spring/Summer 2024 releases, they promise not unique sneaker styles but a reinvigorated ethos in sneaker culture, blending creativity, community, and craftsmanship.

Legal Drama to Trending Collab: CORTEIZ x Nike Air Max 95 SP Makes Headlines

Sneaker News: CORTEIZ x Nike Air Max 95 SP

The CORTEIZ x Nike Air Max 95 collaboration is one of the most unexpected partnerships in recent sneaker history. Founded by British-Nigerian entrepreneur Clint, known as Clint419, CORTEIZ rapidly transformed from a small bedroom operation to collaborating with Nike on the Air Max 95.

The collaboration is even more remarkable considering Nike’s 2021 lawsuit against CORTEIZ over its name’s similarity to Nike’s Cortez model. Defying expectations, the two brands have come together to represent a full-circle moment from legal contention to a landmark sneaker release.

2023 Sneaker News Exclusive: The Nike SB x Air Jordan 4 ‘Pine Green’

Sneaker News: The Nike SB x Air Jordan 4 'Pine Green'

The collaboration between Nike SB and Air Jordan continued its innovative streak in 2023 with the much-anticipated release of the Air Jordan 4 “Pine Green”. This unique blend of basketball heritage and skateboarding functionality represents a new chapter in the partnership.

Initially teased in 2022 as part of Nike SB’s 20th anniversary, the sneaker underwent several updates before its official launch in March 2023. Despite the sneaker’s initial sell-out, Nike offered a second chance via SNKRS Exclusive Access on 25 May 2023, to those who met specific criteria, highlighting the demand and exclusivity of this crossover.

Sneaker News Heartbeat: The Resurrection of the Nike Kobe Line in 2023

Sneaker News: The Resurrection of the Nike Kobe Line

In August 2023, Nike marked a poignant moment in sneaker history with the revival of the Kobe Bryant signature line, announced by CEO John Donahoe earlier in the year. The line’s future had been uncertain following Bryant’s tragic death in 2020 and the subsequent expiration of his partnership with Nike in 2021.

This led to a tumultuous period, including unauthorized leaks and a reported shortage of popular sizes among NBA players. However, in March 2022, the tension eased when Nike and Kobe’s estate established a new partnership, officially releasing the “Mambacita Sweet 16” and hinting at future releases like the Kobe 6 “Prelude” and “Reverse Grinch.”

Months on, the sneaker community continues to cherish the revival, reflecting on the impact and timeless appeal of Kobe’s signature sneakers.

Racing Ahead: Nike Alphafly vs. adidas Pro Evo 1

Sneaker News: Nike Alphafly vs. adidas Pro Evo 1

2023 was marked by an intense rivalry between Nike and adidas, with their respective super shoes, the Nike Alphafly and adidas Pro Evo 1, dominating marathon headlines. The adidas Pro Evo 1, designed for single-use with a significant weight reduction and innovative “Lightstrike Pro Foam,” showcased its prowess when Ethiopia’s Tigst Assefa shattered the women’s marathon world record.

Meanwhile, the unreleased Nike Alphafly 3, featuring “springiest” ZoomX foam and air cushion technology for optimal energy return, was sported by Kenya’s Kelvin Kiptum as he set a new men’s marathon world record. Both shoes epitomize the pinnacle of performance technology, each vying to be the choice of future record-breakers.

Sneaker News Flash: “Heels Heist” Strikes the Sneaker World in 2023

Sneaker News: Robbery in Nike Stores

This year saw the sneaker world get a dramatic plot twist straight out of a Hollywood heist movie.

Nike, the giant of the sneaker kingdom, became the prime target for organized crime rings, with thefts across the supply chain shooting up by a startling 63% in just the first half of the year. From a blockbuster US$7 million warehouse raid in Los Angeles to a brazen US$12,000 flash mob looting in Watts, these sneaker swindlers turned retail into their personal “Ocean’s Eleven.”

These meticulously planned heists have not only left the industry in shock but also posed a significant challenge to brands, pushing them to rethink their security playbook. As sneakers continue to be hot commodities, the stakes are higher than ever, turning every release into a potential “heist heel” scenario.

Caught your breath yet? 2023’s sneaker saga was a whirlwind of high-speed chases, unexpected alliances, and bold new frontiers. Stay laced in anticipation—because if this year was any indication, the sneaker news of tomorrow promises even more pulse-pounding adventures. Keep those soles ready for the next drop!

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