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27th November 2023 EDT FEATURES

Top Streetwear Trends That Dominated 2023

Before the curtains draw on another year, here are the looks that took centerstage in 2023. Some of the best, the boldest, and the most bizarre.

Top Streetwear Trends That Dominated 2023
Top Streetwear Trends That Dominated 2023

Alright, fam, let’s dive into the kaleidoscope of streetwear trends in 2023, as we inch closer to the trends 2024 has in store. This year, it’s like the street fashion world decided to play a game of “throwback-meets-future”, and let me tell you, it’s a visual feast!

So in Retrospect, What Streetwear Trends Broke the Internet in 2023?

1. The “Ugly” Shoe Trend

Step aside mainstream kicks—2023’s “ugly” shoe or anti-sneaker trend is like fashion’s rebellious teen. Shoes so boldly unattractive, they’re irresistible! MSCHF’s Big Red Boots and their kin (Birkenstock, Crocs, JW Anderson x Wellipets Frog Clogs, Ugly UGG boots, etc.) stomped their way through 2023, turning heads and sparking memes.

These chunky, offbeat shoes have blurred the lines between fashion and memes, making a huge statement in 2023. Think of them as the footwear world’s equivalent of a rebel without a cause—defiant, daring, and inescapable in their appeal.

2. adidas Samba, The Sneaker MVP

The adidas Sambas are the sneakers du jour, weaving their way onto the feet of celebrities (including Emily Ratajkowski, Kaia Gerber, Bella and Gigi Hadid, Hailey Bieber, Rihanna, A$AP Rocky, Katie Holmes, Olivia Wilde, and Jennifer Lawrence), influencers and probably half the people on the street.

These kicks are like the Swiss army knife of footwear—affordable, versatile, accessible, and inexplicably cool. Pair them with anything from athleisure to casual streetwear and even high-fashion ensembles; adaptability is their forte. Buy them here.

They’re the sneakers you wear when you want to subtly signal, “Yeah, I know fashion” without shouting it.

3. Wide, Wider, and Wildest Streetwear Trend of 2023!

Wide pants have been making waves for a while, with parachute pants setting the scene in 2022. But 2023 took it up a notch, screaming ‘go big or go home’ with wide-legged pants.

“How wide is too wide?” we used to wonder. Well, this year’s streetwear trend is all about shattering those limits. We are talking oversized hoodies, tees, cargos, and trousers so roomy you could camp under them!

And let’s not forget, they’re cozy, satisfying, and oh-so-stylish, like streetwear got a breath of fresh air—quite literally. 

4. Jorts are Back, Baby!

Jorts, the denim darlings of streetwear trends, have exploded back onto the scene in 2023. In a delightful twist, 2023’s jorts aren’t just a rehash of last year’s styles. You guessed it right—they’re wider and bolder than ever!

Advocates are now rocking them below the knee, creating a unique, standout look that’s distinctively 2023. And the cherry on top? Pairing these with boots, a microtrend within the jorts revolution that’s TikTok-approved.

5. Y2K Reboot 

The Y2K aesthetic is resurging in 2023, infusing millennium nostalgia with a contemporary spin. Think layered maxi skirts, retro-inspired sneakers, neon hues, and bold logos. DIY cropped shirts are all the rage too, appealing to both women and men; it’s a trend that’s as kind to your wallet as it is to the planet. 

Seen football jerseys doubling as fashion statements on TikTok? That’s “Blokecore”, a trend with deep roots in British football culture, now a major hit in streetwear fashion. Sparked by social media influencers like Brandon Huntley and further popularized by football icons like Héctor Bellerín, Blokecore is a nostalgic mix of vintage bootcut jeans, retro ’80s and ’90s football jerseys, and classic sneakers like adidas Sambas. It is a perfect blend of sporty vibes and British lad culture. 

Accessories are getting a playful yet practical makeover as well. Think ribbon hair accessories, oversized sunglasses, crossbody bags, and carabiners doubling as chic belt loops for keys or earbuds, where functionality meets fashion. 

These streetwear trends in 2023 exemplify a seamless blend of practicality and panache, resonating strongly with Gen Z discovering the 2000s fashion anew and Millennials reliving their stylish yesteryears.

6. The Hallyu Wave of Fashion

This year, Korean streetwear, spearheaded by K-pop icons like Hanni (NewJeans), Eunchae (Le Sserafim), Wonyoung (Ive), and many others have taken huge slices of the fashion pie. These Gen Z icons aren’t just ruling the music charts but blending luxury and streetwear trends effortlessly, from Hanni’s Gucci charm to Wonyoung’s Miu Miu grace. Korean Streetwear brands like Wooyoungmi, Codegraphy, and 1993 Studio are now must-haves, thanks to their famous stalwarts. 

And let’s not forget their influence in the sneaker world! BTS’s Jungkook with his Supreme x Nike collab, RM’s trendy Nike x Tiffany & Co, and Hoshi’s adidas YEEZY Foam Runners are just a few examples.   

In short, these K-pop icons are the new streetwear royalty, fusing global luxury with Korean finesse and sneaker culture, creating trends that resonate worldwide. Watch out world, the Hallyu wave of fashion is about to become a tsunami.

7. Urban Athleisure: The Perfect Blend of Style, Sport and Savvy

2023 saw the exciting convergence of techwear and other streetwear trends, evolving into one that epitomizes “Urban Athleisure”. It is all about smart, performance-ready materials woven into your everyday wardrobe making you look effortlessly chic while being ready for action—an ethos that resonates deeply with the modern, dynamic urbanite.

All major brands are at the forefront, for example, techwear brands such as ACRONYM, Stone Island, and Helmut Lang have begun incorporating streetwear elements such as bold graphics and oversized clothing into their designs. Inversely, streetwear brands such as Supreme and Off-White have also begun incorporating techwear elements such as technical fabrics like GORE-TEX, and technology into their casual streetwear clothing.

This crossover results in clothing that’s both stylish and utilitarian. Think sleek weather-proof sneakers, versatile joggers, and stylish water-resistant hoodies that transition smoothly from a gym session to a coffee run and vice versa. You must have also heard about Gorpcore, basically wearing your hiking outdoorsies in a fashionable way. 

All of it just helps you be prepared for anything. Whether it’s a sudden downpour or an impromptu Instagram photoshoot!

8. Collabs and Limited Drops: The Hype Train

Collaborations are the Avengers of the fashion world. When streetwear brands and luxury houses unite, the results are epic. These limited drops are like a comet; blink and you’ll miss. Here’s our list of epic designer sneakers and best Crocs collabs of 2023.

9. Green is the New Black!

Sustainability isn’t new in the fashion discourse, but it is growing as the pulsating heart of contemporary streetwear. It’s where eco-consciousness meets urban style, championed by a generation of Gen Z and Millennials intent on making fashion kinder to our planet. Exemplified by sustainable streetwear brands like WAWWAPatagonia, Plant Faced.

Even Stüssy through their “workshop” collection with Our Legacy have made efforts by making one-off pieces out of deadstock fabric from their 1990s archives. Industry behemoths like Nike and adidas have course corrected through their respective Move to Zero and “Parley” lines, transforming recycled materials into must-have pieces.

Smaller indie labels are also part of this green wave, offering unique, upcycled items that blend creativity with care for the environment.

On social media, hashtags like #EcoStreetwear are more than a trend. They’re a movement, spotlighting outfits that are as mindful as they are fashionable. 

10. Online vs. IRL (In Real Life) Streetwear Trends

Welcome to the fashion paradox of 2023! Online, fashion is a wild, untamed beast, bursting with the vibrant energy of New York or Tokyo’s streets. Here, boldness rules, and every scroll feels like an adventure. 

But step outside? That’s a whole different story. It’s like fashion playing a Game of Thrones, and not all cities are keen to sit on the Iron Throne.

While places like London and Tokyo might embrace the audacious, elsewhere it’s more like, “Oh, are these shoes or modern art?” The fashion frenzy you see online often gets watered down to a more subtle, “let’s-not-scare-the-neighbors” vibe in other areas.

Yet, don’t let this dim your fashion spark! Today’s streetwear is all about breaking barriers and embracing inclusivity. Those daring online trends? They’re gradually spilling over into everyday life, one audacious outfit at a time. 
So, when your outfit feels a bit too “out there” for a simple grocery run, remember: you’re a pioneer of the streetwear trends. Today’s “woah, that’s bold!” might just be a “Hey, I need that in my closet!” tomorrow.

As we wrap up our fashion exploration, let’s shine a spotlight on trends like selvedge and raw denim, as well as Barbie-core, which may not be in the limelight now but they added depth and diversity to our wardrobes this year. 

And hey, if you’re vibing with these trends, why not share your trendiest, boldest, most out-there outfits with us? Tag us in your most daring outfit, and let’s keep this fashion conversation rolling! Your style might just inspire the next big thing!

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