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15th December 2023 EDT FEATURES

10 Classic Sneakers that Defy Time and Trends

The secret to eternal style. A must-read for those who value fashion that stands the test of time!


We’ve all been seduced by the siren call of the latest trends, only to find these pieces turning into wardrobe fossils faster than we can say “fashion faux pas”.

The secret to a savvy, stylish, and sustainable wardrobe? Versatility and timelessness! And where better to start than with your feet?

Say goodbye to fleeting fads and shift gears to timeless style with classic sneakers that defy the ever-spinning wheel of fashion trends. These versatile champs effortlessly transition from workday polish to weekend cool. You don’t have to hold back on them as they’re reliable investments ensuring you’re always stepping out in timeless fashion.

Let’s ride through the pantheon of classic sneakers that will never go out of style.

1. Nike Air Force 1: The Time-Tested Court Classic Sneakers

Classic Sneakers that Never Go Out of Style

Created by the legendary Bruce Kilgore (also behind the most iconic Nike Air Jordans), this premier basketball sneaker, was the first to strut Nike’s Air tech on the hardwood. But here’s the twist: it wasn’t love at first sight. Its chunky, futuristic design received mixed reactions then. 

The irony? What once was a head-scratcher is now a head-turner, a timeless staple in the sneaker kingdom.

What makes the Nike Air Force 1 a classic sneaker?

It’s a blend of history, adaptability, and style. Since its 1982 debut, the Air Force 1 has rocked over 1,700 colorways and numerous special editions. The all-white variant, one of the best white sneakers of all time is a universal favorite, a style chameleon-perfect with anything from shorts to jeans. The low-top model, designed for superior ankle mobility, further cements its versatility.

From Harajuku streets to rappers’ feet, and as an icon of New York, this classic sneaker transcends its sports roots. What started as a muted entry into the sneaker world has become a symbol of enduring style and adaptability.

2. Nike Air Jordan 1: The Revolution in Sneakers and Streetwear

Classic Sneakers that Never Go Out of Style

In 1985, when the sneaker world was awash in white, Michael Jordan broke the mold with the audacious black and red Nike Air Jordan 1. Defying norms and NBA rules, this bold move was a symbol of style evolution and cultural defiance that set the stage for a new era in sneaker culture.

What makes the Nike Air Jordan 1 a classic sneaker?

It’s a blend of heritage, style, and constant innovation. This iconic silhouette, a throwback to basketball’s golden era, has captivated fashion enthusiasts and sports fans alike with its endless array of colorways. Its enduring appeal lies in its ability to continuously reinvent itself while staying true to its rebellious roots.

3. Nike Dunk: A Sneaker for All Seasons

Classic Sneakers that Never Go Out of Style

The Nike Dunk, the brainchild of Peter Moore, debuted as a fierce competitor to iconic basketball shoes like the adidas Superstar and Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star.

What makes the Nike Dunk a classic sneaker?

This shoe’s journey from the basketball court to the skate parks in the 1990s is key. Skaters embraced its durable build and grippy sole, leading to Nike’s skate-specific Dunk colorways. Whether high, mid, or low, in vibrant hues or classic tones, the Dunk effortlessly complements any outfit, any style.

By 2020, the Dunk had a fashion resurgence, flaunting its timeless design in a multitude of colors, collaborations, and limited editions. Its adaptability shines through in its ability to transcend decades, trends, and subcultures, always evolving and staying relevant.

4. Converse Chuck Taylors: The Universal Staple of Sneaker Culture

Classic Sneakers that Never Go Out of Style

Converse Chuck Taylors, once the pinnacle of basketball footwear, has evolved into a global phenomenon, transcending age, style, and even time. This shoe, so iconic it was once part of military-issued recreational gear, is now a ubiquitous presence in everyone’s shoe collection.

What makes the Converse Chuck Taylors a classic sneaker?

They’re the epitome of “stupid versatile”. Whether for hipster vibes or smarter occasions, these sneakers adapt. They age like fine wine, looking better with each wear, and are available in every conceivable color. Remarkably, they’re even great for working out.

With 100 million pairs sold annually and 60% of Americans having owned a pair, their popularity is unquestionable. Chuck Taylors are the go-to shoes that withstand wear and tear, maintaining their cool, beaten-up look. They’re not just classic sneakers; they’re a cultural icon, as relevant today as they were in the past.

5. Vans Old Skool: A Classic Sneaker with Timeless Appeal

Classic Sneakers that Never Go Out of Style

Vans Old Skool, crafted by founder Paul Van Doren in 1977, quickly became iconic with its distinctive side stripe, or “jazz stripe”. These versatile sneakers blend durable suede and canvas uppers with signature rubber waffle outsoles, making them a favorite among skateboarders for their style and resilience.

What makes the Vans Old Skool a classic sneaker?

Their casual yet robust design caters to all ages and genders, with sizes ranging from UK 2.5 to 15, including many half sizes. The Old Skool’s versatile style, from vibrant colors to unique patterns, allows for personal expression. Whether it’s the velcro-strapped versions for toddlers or the regular lace-ups for adults, these sneakers embody a timeless, adaptable charm, perfect for any wardrobe and any adventure.

6. adidas Superstar: A Timeless Icon

Classic Sneakers that Never Go Out of Style

First stepping onto the scene in 1969, the adidas Superstar has outlasted trends to become a perennial classic. Originally designed as a premium basketball sneaker, it dominated the hardwood in the ’70s and seamlessly transitioned into a fashion staple by the ’80s.

What makes the adidas Superstar a classic sneaker?

It’s the quintessential blend of sporty flair, adaptability, and timeless style-effortlessly pairing with everything from casual shorts to chic formals. It’s a democratic style statement, accessible to all and sundry.

Whether on the streets or at a high-end event, the adidas Superstar continues to shine with its iconic shell-toe design and crisp lines.

7. adidas Stan Smith: A Timeless Classic in Simplicity

Classic Sneakers that Never Go Out of Style

The adidas Stan Smith, born on the tennis courts in 1965, has evolved into a lifestyle essential. Initially named adidas Robert Haillet, it was rebranded in 1978 after American tennis legend Stan Smith.

What makes the adidas Stan Smith a classic sneaker?

Its understated design sets it apart. Eschewing adidas’ typical three stripes for subtle perforations along its leather upper, it exudes a minimalist elegance. The branding is deliberately low-key, contributing to its universal appeal. This simplicity makes the Stan Smith effortlessly adaptable, pairing as easily with athletic wear as with casual or semi-formal attire.

8. Reebok Club C: A Nod to Classic Comfort

Classic Sneakers that Never Go Out of Style

The Reebok Club C Double takes a timeless leap from the tennis courts of the ’80s to today’s streets. It’s not just a shoe; it’s a tribute to an era, blending a double-layered leather upper with a style that screams casual elegance.

What makes the Reebok Club C Double a classic sneaker?

Its minimalist design is the key. This sneaker isn’t trying to shout over the noise; it’s the calm in the storm of flashy footwear. With its high-quality leather and cushioned insole, the Club C Double is a comfortable choice for daily wear and perfect for those who resonate with classic tennis aesthetics. It’s a statement piece for the style-conscious, effortlessly fitting into various outfits and occasions.

9. PUMA Suede: A Legacy of Elegance and Quality

Classic Sneakers that Never Go Out of Style

The PUMA Suede stands as a testament to the brand’s enduring legacy, hailed as its most iconic design. Its popularity is a harmonious blend of top-tier quality and timeless style.

What makes the PUMA Suede a classic sneaker?

The sneaker’s elegance is accented by gold flake details, while its breathable design ensures comfort. Not just a treat for the eyes, the PUMA Suede also excels in comfort. Its no-fuss soles and ample perforations ensure breathability, blending elegance with practicality.

Despite shifting trends and collaborations, the PUMA Suede remains a staple in the sneaker world, symbolizing sophistication and enduring appeal.

10. New Balance 574: The Definition of Versatile Footwear

Classic Sneakers that Never Go Out of Style

The New Balance 574 stands as a testament to unassuming versatility, a shoe designed to excel in a variety of settings rather than showcasing revolutionary technology or premium materials.

What makes the New Balance 574 a classic sneaker?

It’s the perfect blend of functionality and comfort. Originally a hybrid road/trail design, the 574 broke the mold with its wider build compared to previous narrow racing silhouettes. This unique mix of rugged durability and uncomplicated comfort has made it a global closet staple, embodying the boundary-defying style of New Balance. 

Amidst New Balance’s expanding lineup, the 574 remains a sneaker that never goes out of style-a symbol of adaptability and universal appeal, worn by people from all walks of life.

In conclusion, if you’re on the hunt for sneakers that stand the test of time for both men and women, look no further. The options we’ve explored are timeless treasures in the world of fashion. Each pair promises versatility, ensuring they pair seamlessly with any outfit and never fall out of style.

Rest assured, these enduring classics, with their myriad variations and colorways, are all available at your fingertips. Discover them on the SNKRDUNK App, where great prices meet evergreen style.

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