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5th January 2024 EDT FEATURES

2024 Sneaker Trends? Insights From Industry Insiders!

An exclusive sneak peek into 2024's hottest sneaker trends

2024 Sneaker Trends? Insights From Industry Insiders!
2024 Sneaker Trends? Insights From Industry Insiders!

Sneaker trends? We practically eat, sleep, and breathe them. Okay, maybe not literally (although some days it feels like we do). But as your trusted sneaker gurus, we’re constantly soaking up the vibes, scouring fresh releases, and immersing ourselves in the epicenter of streetwear culture. Above all, we are a family of Sneakerheads–It’s in our DNA!

With hundreds of authentic kicks flying off our app shelves every day, we have a front-row seat to the rollercoaster that was 2023–from “quiet luxury” whispers to those unapologetically “ugly” yet strangely captivating silhouettes.

The question is,

Are you ready to enter 2024’s wildest sneaker forecasts from our inside intel?

Retro with a fresh twist, collabs that defy physics, and newbies fighting for “core” status–buckle up for 2024’s hottest sneaker trends forecast!

1. Mules–the MVPs of 2024 Sneaker Trends

Dickson, our streetwear virtuoso with a knack for spotting the next big thing in sneakers and streetwear, flashes a knowing grin:

“I’m foreseeing a rise in ‘anti-sneakers’. Like, “Mules” are going to be the MVPs of 2024–watch for the collab wave”.
His prediction has legs, literally. 

Mules are where the sandal’s laid-back vibe meets the sneaker’s swagger. The trend is a cool breeze for fashion, transforming kicks into airy, open-heeled statements. With giants like Balenciaga, MM6, and Nike already reimagining their classics, the mule trend is a hint at an easygoing yet bold sneaker future.

And when Dickson bets on it, you listen. Because in this sneaker trends tale, the mule might just be the next protagonist.

2. ASICS Ascends

Charles had quite a few visions about 2024’s sneaker trends:

“ASICS is going to soar!” he exclaims.

This Japanese giant is poised for even greater heights. Collab hits like the X-Men x KITH x ASICS GEL-LYTE III and HAL STUDIOS® x ASICS GEL-1130 MK III have fueled momentum, while homegrown creations like the Awake NY x ASICS GEL-NYC, ASICS x Fujitaka Towel, and Naruto show their versatility. Expect ASICS to plant its flag firmly in the sneaker landscape in 2024.

3. The Asian Invasion on 2024 Sneaker Trends

Charles continues:

“But what excites me? The Asian influence! Korea, Taiwan, Japan, China, and beyond are reshaping sneaker culture at an incredible pace. We’re not just consumers anymore; we’re trendsetters on the verge of a global revolution”.

Statista forecasts a 3.0% growth for the sneaker segment in Southeast Asia in 2024, with a 5.64% annual growth rate (CAGR 2023-2028). Our audience insights affirm this trend: regional exclusives aren’t so exclusive anymore. With the internet blurring boundaries, expect to see sneakers with specific regional design elements gaining wider appeal. 

Watch brands like Matin Kim, SHUSHU/TONG, and YESEYESEE take the global stage, infusing their distinct cultural essence. Not to mention, eye-catching collabs like NewJeans x Nike, signal Asia’s booming creative influence in the sneaker world.

4. The Sneakerhead’s Anime Obsession

Jif, with an excited glint in his eye, shares:

“Anime sneaker love excites me so much. I’m talking Demon Slayer Crocs, Naruto kicks, Jujutsu Kaisen Crocs, and Pokémon Pumas.”

He’s tapped into something big; our own audience insights confirm this isn’t just a fleeting trend. Anime has kept fans on the edge of their seats since delayed releases from the pandemic creating an unprecedented wave of interests and new releases.

Our viewership is buzzing, and if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that this is more than a fad–it’s a cultural wave ready to make a splash in the sneaker world. Check out Onitsuka Tiger’s Astro Boy-themed collection.

5. AI-Generated Sneaker Trends

Cheyenne says with a wink:

“Imagine your sneakers aren’t just designed by humans but by algorithms! AI-generated sneaker trends are simmering on the back burner, and I bet 2024’s when they’ll sizzle.”

And we can’t agree more! With AI like ChatGPT becoming our new best buds, it’s only fair to imagine sneaker creators turning to these AI wizards for that spark of innovation.

AI is not just going to be about creating personalized styles or pushing sustainable production; it is going to be about transforming the industry, particularly if the top brands take charge. With platforms like Resleeve.AI at the helm, the future is as unpredictable as it is thrilling.

6. Utilitarian Chic With Brands like HOKA One One and On

Cheyenne adds, with a twinkle of foresight in her eyes:

“2024’s about embracing the ‘utilitarian chic’ with brands like HOKA and On, and ‘quiet outdoors’ trend with brands like ASICS and Salomon blending technical prowess with minimalist luxury.”

Brands are evolving beyond the Gorpcore niche, 2024 is set to welcome hiking trail shoes into the mainstream with brands like Salomon, On, and Hoka One One (see HOKA’s recent HOKA Ora Primo) leading the charge. This trend combines rugged durability with post-run recovery, offering a blend of performance and style that’s hard to resist. 

As the trend for bold logos wanes, brands are refining their styles, collaborating with luxury designers for sleeker, more sophisticated streetwear that doesn’t just perform on the trails but also turns heads on city streets.

Expect to see more brands redefine sneakers with a utilitarian aesthetic, making these a potential staple for athletes and adventurers alike. Gear up; the trails are calling with a fashionable foot forward!

7. More Designer x Streetwear Crossovers

Fumi, with an air of anticipation, declares:

“The high-end handshake with streetwear will be a prominent sneaker trend in 2024. Picture MM6 Maison Margiela x Salomon XT-4 Mule, CLOT x sacai x Nike LD types of unexpected yet thrilling mashups!”

This trend is skyrocketing, with luxury labels like Dior, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton crafting sneakers that are as much about artistry as they are about attire. It’s a blend of luxury, pop culture, and streetwear to create something fresh.  Anticipate a year with more of these wild, genre-bending collabs–a fashion fusion.

8. The Ugly Will Keep Getting Uglier

Yong, our sneaker guru, is betting on ugly shoes.

Yes, the kind that looks like they’ve been designed in the dark. We’re talking Yeezy Pod Socks that make you wonder if Ye finally got the answers or just lost the questions. And Bravest Studios’ Bear Claw Mules? Well, they’re the kind of fashion statement that says, “I woke up like this–bear with me.”

9. Luxury Gets Techy

Charles, brimming with enthusiasm, chimes in another sharp insight into upcoming sneaker trends in 2024:

“Keep an eye out as luxury brands, like LV with their 3D-printed kicks, elevate the game to new tech-savvy heights, the game’s changing, folks!”

Louis Vuitton’s 3D-printed shoe announcement throws down the gauntlet. Crafted with Zellerfeld’s technology, LV COBRA is a glimpse into a high-tech luxury, offering both style and breathability. Expect more luxury brands to embrace cutting-edge technologies and innovative materials, pushing the boundaries of what a sneaker can be. Prepare for futuristic footwear that both wows and walks the walk.

10. Golf Shoe Glow-Up as 2024’s Top Sneaker Trends

2024 Sneaker Trends: Golf Shoe as Streetwear

Cheyenne foresees that 2024 will see Golf Shoe Sneaker trends as well: 

“And I’m not just talking about what’s on the green. I’m seeing everyday streets lined with kicks styled like golf shoes and apparel–think preppy, polished, but with a streetwise twist.”

11. The “Core” Craze, From Corpcore to Bikercore

Hidayah, with a playful chuckle, remarks: 

“Heading into 2024, I’m calling it–watch out for the rise of “dash” core… just kidding! 

Amidst this sea of ‘cores,’ I’m placing my bets on Corpcore for this year’s biggest sneaker trends. And while we’re at it, don’t sleep on Bikercore either.”

As more Gen Zs join the workforce, expect a surge in trendy office wear that fuses with street style. Corpcore, as spotlighted in Boss’ Milan Fashion Week showcase exemplifies this blend with its tailored yet bold aesthetic. The runway, transformed into a ‘Tech-Topia’ office of 2053, previewed a world where fashion marries sleek office wear with innovative, oversized knits and abstract designs.

This trend reflects a yearning for the old office’s structure combined with a modern twist, embracing both the traditional and the avant-garde. Meanwhile, Bikercore revs up, merging rugged, road-ready elements with everyday style, signaling a year of bold, mixed fashion statements.

To be honest, trends are sneaky, but we thrive on this unpredictability. From mule mania to AI-generated wonders, the sneaker universe is expanding with thrilling trends. Whether you’re a die-hard enthusiast or simply sneaker-curious, 2024 has something exciting for everyone, and it’s all available on our SNKRDUNK App!

What’s your take on the upcoming sneaker trends? Join us in this fashion-forward journey and share your informed predictions with our social community. Stay ahead of the game, and never miss a step in the ever-evolving world of sneaker trends! 

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