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The Philippines’ Passion for Sneakers and Manila’s Hottest Stores

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The Philippines’ Passion for Sneakers and Manila’s Hottest Stores
The Philippines’ Passion for Sneakers and Manila’s Hottest Stores

Just a decade ago, Filipino sneakerheads were like mythical creatures, scouring far and wide for those elusive “holy grails”. Today? The game’s flipped. We’ve got gleaming Jordan Brand flagships, bustling outposts of Sole Academy and Commonwealth, and online platforms overflowing with sneakerheads—the fashion-forward types and collectors.

This love affair with sneakers goes way beyond mere fashion. It’s a story woven with basketball obsession, artistic expression, and a growing global influence.

“We’re a basketball family, so it came with the culture; it stuck with me and only grew from there.”

– Bigboy Cheng

Did you know?

Did you know that Kevin Reyes, a Filipino designer based in Oregon designs sneakers for Nike and special edition NBA shoes? Or that Chi Loyzaga Gibbs, a local designer, crafted her version of the Nike Air Jordan 2 Low, a prestigious collaboration with Jordan Brand, as a tribute to her grandfather, Carlos Loyzaga, a basketball legend from the golden age of Philippine basketball?

Filipino design talents are taking center stage, crafting special designs and customs, while leaving their mark on global brands like Nike, adidas, and Vans. From Air Jordans nodding to a grandfather’s legacy, to adidas Ultraboosts infused with nostalgic video game vibes.

The Philippines ‘ sneaker economy is booming with a growing affluence, a passionate love for basketball, and an ever-expanding online sneaker market.

But the heart of Manila’s sneaker scene throbs with a unique rhythm. It’s about community legends like Martin David, who chronicles the culture’s evolution, and passionate collectors like Bigboy Cheng, whose love for sneakers started with a childhood crush on basketball icons.

So, lace up and get ready to explore Manila’s hottest sneaker havens! We’re about to meet the brands that are keeping sneakerheads on their toes (and their wallets a little lighter).

Best Sneaker Stores in Manila, Philippines

1. Sole Republiq

Best Sneaker Stores in Manila, Philippines

Sole Republiq, a multi-brand sneaker store, has established itself as an industry leader in Manila for over eight years. With locations in premium shopping areas, they offer an extensive collection of top international brands like Nike, Adidas, and Off-White.

Founders Lerwin Yap and Mackoy Castillo, both sneakerheads, have positioned Sole Republiq as a collector’s haven, boasting rare and sought-after footwear and apparel. Their unique “Sneakers Cafe” concept, combining a cafe, lifestyle store, barber, and sneaker shop, further enhances their innovative approach to the industry.

2. Titan 22

Best Sneaker Stores in Manila, Philippines

Titan 22, the first and only basketball specialty concept store in the Philippines, offers a blend of sneakers, basketball merchandise, and custom T-shirts. Known for collaborations with Nike and Jordan Brand, Titan 22 provides a unique shopping experience where customers can chill in the lounge area while waiting for their orders.

Founded in 2010, this homegrown brand now operates six stores and serves as a haven for basketball lovers, promising the best products and inspiring stories for those who live and breathe the game.

3. Jordan Manila

Best Sneaker Stores in Manila, Philippines

Jordan Manila, the first Jordan store in Southeast Asia, is a sneakerhead’s dream come true. Located in a vibrant area with restaurants and a rooftop basketball court, the store offers exclusive Jordan patches for customization and showcases legendary retros, including the iconic Jordan 4 Manila.

The store’s lighting design, in collaboration with Nike HQ, emphasizes an “elegant street” vibe, highlighting interior features and creating an energetic atmosphere that draws in visitors.

4. Shoe Game Manila

Best Sneaker Stores in Manila, Philippines

As a key sponsor of the Manila Sneaker Expo (MSE), Shoe Game Manila is an OG-level consignment store with locations in several malls.

Established in 2013, they specialize in premium sneakers, streetwear, and collectibles like toys and art. With four stores across the metro, including a location near the Expo Area, they offer a wide variety of products making them a premier destination for sneaker enthusiasts.

5. Flip Phenomenal Soles

Best Sneaker Stores in Manila, Philippines

Owned by YouTuber Dane Grospe, Flip Phenomenal Soles is a well-known reselling chain with locations in Quezon City and Las Piñas. Recognizable for their loyal following on social media and participation in events like the MSE, they are popular among sneaker enthusiasts as trusted resellers.

Grospe, also the manager of Mav’s Phenomenal Basketball Team, opened Flip Clo, enhancing their retail footprint and solidifying their presence in the Manila sneaker scene.

6. Rif Manila

Best Sneaker Stores in Manila, Philippines

Sharing a space with Secret Fresh, Rif Manila is a branch of the renowned American store Rif LA. They source their products from the USA headquarters and are known for their high-end sneaker offerings. The selection and location, nestled inside Secret Fresh, make Rif Manila a notable player in the sneaker scene, for those seeking a complete outfit.

We’ve personally met the amazing owners and vendors behind these stores, from exclusive collaborations to iconic brands and vibrant communities, there’s a reason the city has become a global sneaker hotspot.

So, lace up your kicks and get exploring! But before you hit the streets, SNKRDUNK wants to be your one-stop shop for all things sneakers.

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