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15th November 2023 EDT FEATURES

Here’s All Our Favorite NewJeans Collabs So Far

Across fashion, lifestyle, and technology, the K-Pop super group continues to break barriers through their varied partnerships and youthful vibes.


It’s only been a year since their highly anticipated debut, yet K-Pop girl group NewJeans has already captured widespread global attention and broken records with their music releases.

Apart from enthralling melodies such as “OMG“, “Super Shy“, and “Hype Boy“, the members have delved into collaborative ventures with a multitude of brands spanning diverse industries. Whether in the realms of fashion, technology, or lifestyle, NewJeans’ partnerships have unquestionably attracted significant intrigue and notice.

This holds true irrespective of whether you identify as a “bunny”–the official name of NewJeans’ fandom. And if you’ve made it this far, you’re likely intrigued by the K-Pop superstars’ collaborations up to the present. Your questions are about to be answered, as we’ve curated a list of our favorite collabs involving NewJeans.

Without further ado, below is the compilation of top New Jeans brand partnerships:

■ Nike

NewJeans Nike

Leading the lineup, a deserving shout-out goes to the sportswear powerhouse Nike. Given K-Pop’s profound influence on streetwear culture, it’s almost certain that NewJeans would secure an ambassadorial role with one of the biggest players in footwear.

Formally joining forces for an exclusive 2023 Air Max Day photoshoot, the partners also proceeded to spotlight additional fashionable sportswear ensembles in a subsequent Football Jersey campaign.

■ Levi’s

NewJeans Levi's

New jeans from Levi’s with NewJeans for Levi’s? It doesn’t get any more fitting than that.

Likely one of the most requested partnerships, the NewJeans and Levi’s showcased an impeccable harmony between timeless denim aesthetics and Y2K inspirations via a series of campaign imagery. Additionally, the iconic denim brand also organized a special music event with the K-Pop girl group in commemoration of the 150th anniversary of their 501 series.

■ McDonald’s

NewJeans McDonald's

In a similar vein to their senior group BTS, NewJeans has embarked on a collaborative endeavor with renowned fast food chain McDonald’s. Beyond curating an exclusive menu and a range of collectible merchandise, the duo also introduced engaging initiatives like the Chicken Dance Challenge and lucky draws.

If you want it, you can get it. But it ain’t that easy, considering the demand behind this partnership.

■ Coca-Cola

NewJeans Coca-Cola NewJeans Merch

With McDonald’s on board, the inclusion of Coca-Cola seems like a natural fit. Alongside a unique campaign and new drink selections, we also saw the creation of crossover songs like “Zero” and “Be Who You Are” in collaboration with artists such as Jon Batiste, Camilo, J.I.D, and Cat Burns through the Coke Studio.


NewJeans LINE FRIENDS NewJeans Merch

From adorable character stamps to interactive theme parks, LINE FRIENDS have firmly established themselves as a global presence in the realm of social messaging platforms.

Building upon the success of BT21, a collaborative venture with BTS, the South Korean franchise joined forces with NewJeans and Powerpuff Girls to unveil an array of exclusive merchandise and content through a temporary pop-up experience in Seoul.

■ Spotify

NewJeans Spotify NewJeans Merch

Following LINE FRIENDS, global music streaming platform Spotify also tapped the girl group to host “Bunnyland”—a pop-up event set to take place across multiple international locations. From captivating AR experiences at Bunny Beach to lively dance booths, the duo has curated a diverse range of entertainment options for attendees to enjoy.

■ LG

NewJeans LG NewJeans Merch

A tech-related partnership is a rarity among K-Pop groups, yet the unexpected team-up between NewJeans and LG Electronics made extra sense. The two entities joined hands to introduce an exclusive Bunnies edition of the gram Style ultrabook series, accompanied by an assortment of desktop accessories.


In the wake of its worldwide growth, South Korean fashion e-commerce platform MUSINSA has chosen NewJeans as their inaugural global ambassador. The duo proceeded to create a series of campaign visuals spotlighting current K-Fashion styles and also hosted a collaborative pop-up event in Tokyo, Japan.

■ O!Oi

NewJeans O!Oi NewJeans Merch

In addition to MUSINSA, rising South Korean streetwear label O!Oi has also partnered with the girl group for a sequence of campaign imagery. These captures highlight an array of themed apparel collections, encompassing Denim, Anorak, and beyond.

■ Apple

NewJeans Apple

In their most recent album launch, NewJeans and pioneering smartphone leaders Apple have joined forces to produce the music video for their single “ETA.” Shot entirely using an iPhone 14 Pro, the duo has seamlessly integrated captivating choreography that spotlights the smartphone device’s Action and Cinematic Video Modes.

An unexpected collaboration? You might think so, but not really, considering the fact that member Hanni’s secret identity is Siri.

And there you have it–a complete list of our top NewJeans collabs!

We might have missed out on a few, such as editorial content with magazine publications alongside the individual members’ ambassadorship for luxury houses like Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Dior. But this only further showcases the level of influence and impact that NewJeans has over the entertainment industry within a year of their debut.

Moving forward, you can anticipate a slew of forthcoming collaborations from the K-Pop superstars in the near future, and be assured that we will keep you well-informed about their latest projects via our magazine.


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