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11th January 2023 EDT RELEASES

TOMBOGO’s Saucony “The Butterfly” Now Glows in the Dark

Perhaps this TOMBOGO x Saucony should've been named firefly.


Surpassing conventions has become the DNA of label TOMBOGO under designer Tommy Bogo. Seeing a coming up during the pandemic, TOMBOGO has fruitfully utilised this inertia to push out collections that interpret experiences of isolation and change in the face of turbulent times. Think multifunctional pieces that exude contemporary aestheticism while employing sustainable materials that resonate with current concerns. This technical, workwear approach to high fashion carries forward into TOMBOGO’s most notable collaboration — the TOMBOGO x Saucony “The Butterfly” silhouette.

Making waves since its launch, the model boasted a progressive exoskeleton with cut-outs that somewhat imitates the wings of a butterfly. This outer shell is fitted with a mesh sock liner that can be swapped out, tying a sense of self-expression to the sneaker. This iconic silhouette, which achieved a sell-out status in its initial launch, is seeing an understandable revamp for 2023 with glow in the dark capabilities.

Gone are the grey/white uppers — it has been exchanged for a pastel green hue that is stamped with TOMBOGO’s logo on the lateral side. While the green itself is already a statement outside of TOMBOGO’s usual neutrals, it glows an even more conspicuous neon green when thrusted in darker areas. This potent color is gently complemented with an olive green neoprene bootie with a grey trim.

Official release information are still kept hidden but TOMBOGO has teased that a limited edition drop will be happening in the coming months.

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