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1st August 2022 EDT RELEASES

The Black Parade Carries On in My Chemical Romance x MARKET Capsule

Also an acceptable dress code for Helena's funeral.


When I was, a young boy, my father, took me into the city… not quite to see a marching band. But, there were a lot of people, almost uniformly—with side-swept hair over their faces, eyeliners, black t-shirts and studded belts. This was a time when the Black Parade was well underway; led by My Chemical Romance, the beloved and de facto face of the emo/punk movement that came over the early ’00s. The parade has come and passed but the memory of MCR’s heyday carries on through the new capsule collection with Market, formerly Chinatown Market.

The band is currently on tour and is set to headline the upcoming sold-out When We Were Young Festival in Las Vegas this October, with a third day just recently added due to the overwhelming response.

The capsule includes a black heavyweight fleece hoodie and black cap with the words “I GREW UP LISTENING TO MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE” over an evil grin graphic; a red mohair cardigan—an homage to the band’s songs such as “Vampires Will Never Hurt You” and the aforementioned “The Black Parade”; and a white graphic tee featuring Market’s icon Smiley dressed à la Gerard Way. Prices will range from US$45 to US$150 and the sizing from S to XXL.

Market’s Director of Merchandising says the capsule was made to remind “people that they can change their perspective and honor their full creative selves.”

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