Usage and delivery fees

Usage fee

Membership registration and
monthly fee

US $0
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Purchase fee

3.5% (incl. tax)
Fee will be calculated at checkout and will be based on the purchase price.

Seller fee

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Authentication fee

Included in the purchase fee.

Cancellation charge

10% of the purchase price
As a general rule, we do not allow cancellations, except under certain special circumstances. In that case, the price will be 10% of the purchase price.

Shipping fee for Buyers

Shipping costs are included in the purchase price.
However, depending on the country of purchase, sales tax or/and customs duties may apply. In such cases, customers are responsible for paying the carrier themselves.

Shipping fee for Sellers

For sellers shipping from Singapore, please engage a courier of your own choice. Fees for said couriers will be borne by you. Please indicate the tracking number from your courier when it is made available to you.

For sellers shipping from countries outside of Singapore, a shipping label from our partner courier FedEx will be provided to you. Fees will apply based on FedEx’s rates for your country of residence.