How SNKRDUNK Authenticates

How SNKRDUNK Authenticates

To ensure that all users are able to buy and sell with confidence, SNKRDUNK will ship the item to the authentication base and have it authenticated by our team of experienced authenticators. When the product meets our strict verification criteria, it will be sent to the buyer with a special authenticated badge.

*An example of SNKRDUNK’s authentication process is shown below: steps listed below.

1.Box & label authentication

Box & label authentication

Firstly, our authenticators will check the condition and size of the box, along with the contents and the font of the label.

We check for any major damage, stains, prints or materials that are different from the original.

In addition to the authenticator, our designer with precise knowledge of variety of fonts also checks the font of the label in detail.

2.Wrapping paper and accessories

Wrapping paper and accessories

Check the material and print of the wrapping paper, as well as the laces and other accessories.

Since special wrapping paper is often decorated with unique prints, the wrapping paper is carefully stretched out and checked with a magnifying glass to make sure that there are no differences from the genuine product.

We also check the laces and tags to make sure that they are the same as the original ones.

3.Confirm that the product is new

Confirm that the product is new

Our authenticators check for any signs of wear, with a focus on scuffs, wrinkles, and stains on the outsole.

If there is dust or other debris found on the shoes, which may have been caused by trying them on in store, we carefully wipe them off.

We also check the insoles, uppers, and laces for any damage or stains.

4.Check if the product is genuine

Check if the product is genuine

5.Inspection with black light

Inspection with black light

A black-light, which is also used in mineralogy and art appraisal, is used to check the points of luminescence by exposing the sneaker to ultraviolet light.

By using a black light, we can dramatically improve the accuracy of the authentication of details that are difficult to check with the naked eye.

6.Minimize Human Error

To minimize the possibility of oversight, another authenticator will perform the same authentication process again.

Human error is prevented by having two or more authenticators perform stringent authentication checks.

7.Attach the “Authenticated” badge

Attach the “Authenticated” badge

After all of the above processes have been completed and the item meets all criteria, a special SNKRDUNK "Authenticated Badge" will be attached to the item as proof that it has passed our strict inspection.

8.Pack in cardboard with novelties

Pack in cardboard with novelties

The products are carefully packed in a SNKRDUNK cardboard designed to fit sneaker boxes to ensure minimal movement during transport.

Stickers and other novelties are also placed within, and products are promptly shipped to the buyer.

Full Compensation Guarantee

At SNKRDUNK, we are committed to eliminating counterfeit products through careful and meticulous authentication.

However, in the unlikely event that you receive a product that you believe to be a counterfeit, SNKRDUNK and a third-party authenticator will investigate it again and guarantee full compensation.
Read more about full compensation.