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28th May 2024 EDT RELEASES

[ONE PIECE Card Game] This Jewelry Bonney Card Highlights the Effect of a Special Version (Worst Generation [ST-02] ST02-007)

Sure, it may be a Common—but it's a Common Special, and that makes all the difference.

ONE PIECE Card Game Jewelry Bonney

In most cases, one would not even give a second thought to cards that don’t have a significant rarity. However, when these relatively common cards receive an alternative reprint, they often see a major boost in demand. One example of this can be seen in the Common Special (C-SPC) version of the Jewelry Bonney card from the Worst Generation [ST-02] Starter Deck.

The card’s aesthetic design greatly differs from that of the original. Floral and cloud images cover the background while ornate patterns line the sides of the card. That same floral design is a likely reference to the same design on Bonney’s leggings. Although these are the extent of the main differences between the C-SPC card and the original, they’re enough to drive up its demand and value.

It’s been proven time and again that cards featuring female characters invariably do well—this one is no different. Additionally, the fact that this card is in the Worst Generation [ST-02] Starter Deck is relevant because that Starter Deck is themed around the titular 12 pirates who the World Government deems the biggest threats to them. Bonney is the only female character among them; this fact adds another layer to the usual demographic appeal.

This card has been released in English.

According to the latest prices, a Jewelry Bonney (Worst Generation [ST-02] ST02-007) card of C-SPC rarity sells for 10,000 JPY (~US$64).

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