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20th June 2024 EDT RELEASES

[Pokémon TCG] The Miraidon ex Deck Lands Like a Lightning Strike

This deck's breakneck pace of play will leave opponents struggling before they even realize what's happened.


[Update 19 Jun 2024] Recent metagame shifts have seen decks which inflict heavy damage in the early game rise to prominence. The Miraidon ex deck is one such deck; as such, use of this deck in tournament play has surged. Expect to see a lot of this deck at the World Championships in August.

[Update 6 May 2024] Following an extended period in which Miraidon ex decks had fallen off the top of the meta, this deck has made a triumphant return to the top. Akira Kurasaki used this deck to claim the title at Champions League Sapporo. It’s the first time a Miraidon ex deck has won a major tournament since Juho Kallama won the Pokémon Latin America International Championships (LAIC) in November 2023.

Pokémon TCG Miraidon ex deck

Ever since its release in the Violet ex [SV1V] expansion set, Miraidon ex has become a mainstay of the Pokémon TCG metagame. It should therefore come as little surprise that decks built around Miraidon ex have become increasingly popular.

This deck makes use of a rapid tempo. Its primary card is especially potent in the early stages of the game. Miraidon ex’s Tandem Unit ability permits the player to take two Basic Electric-type Pokémon from the deck and put them on the Bench. In this way, a player can establish an early numerical advantage.

Ideally, one of the Pokémon taken from the deck would be Iron Hands ex from Future Flash [SV4M]. By loading up this Paradox Pokémon early, the attack Amp You Very Much can be used. Connecting for 120 damage, a player may take two Prize Cards instead of one if using that attack scores a KO.

To further speed things up, the ACE SPEC Item card Reboot Pod from the Cyber Judge [SV5M] set can be used. This card allows the player to attach a Basic Energy card from the player’s discard pile to a Future Pokémon such as Miraidon ex or Iron Hands ex.

Buying all the cards from a Miraidon ex deck will cost at least ¥6,000 (~US$41).

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