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15th November 2023 EDT FEATURES

Pokémon TCG Set to Launch Two New Sets in October: Ancient Roar [SV4K] and Future Flash [SV4M]

Releasing together on 27 October.


The Japanese Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG) Raging Surf [SV3a] might have just been released, but the TCG is already preparing for its next expansion set. This time round, two sets will be released at the same time, namely Ancient Roar [SV4K] and Future Flash [SV4M].

Announced during the Champions League 2024 Yokohama Livestream, these expansion sets are highly anticipated by the wider playing community, as it will introduce Paradox Pokémon from the Scarlet and Violet games, and will also debut a new Ancient and Future mechanic.

It’s definitely an intriguing yet exciting time for Pokémon TCG players, and it remains to be seen how these new mechanics will affect the meta.

These Ancient and Future Pokémon cards will also come with individual stamps on the bottom right of the card, similar to the ones found in Single Strike Master [S5I] and Rapid Strike Master [S5R]. With these little labels, the cards in both Ancient Roar and Future Flash become more unique, and thus are rarer than the average Pokémon card.

On the English side of things, the equivalent counterpart of Ancient Roar and Future Flash will be Paradox Rift, which will make its debut on 23 November. Paradox Rift’s set list will also include cards from Raging Surf.

What You Can Expect from Ancient Roar [SV4K]

As its name suggests, the Ancient Roar set will feature Ancient Pokémon that are exclusive to the Scarlet game. While it’s still early, several Paradox Pokémon from Ancient Roar have been revealed as part of the set list, including the likes of Scream Tail, Slither Wing, and Roaring Moon ex—which are also on the pack’s cover art.

It’s currently unclear what other Ancient Pokémon will be included in the set, but we hope that the likes of Koraidon, Walking Wake, Raging Bolt, and Great Tusk will make appearances as well.

Waifu collectors will be happy to know that Mela and Professor Sada are included in Ancient Roar’s set list as supporter cards. Expect them to also have Full Art SR counterparts when the set releases. Professor Sada’s Determination 064/066 is interesting, in particular, with a gradual streak of ancient tones fading out to the right. Meanwhile, the only AR revealed thus far is Brute Bonnet 077/066, which features the Pokémon in a rather psychedelic setting.

Future Flash [SV4K] Set List: What We Know so Far

Acting as Ancient Roar’s opposite representation, Future Flash will feature Future Pokémon from the Violet game. Similar to Ancient Roar, Iron Bundle, Iron Moth, and the ever-popular Iron Valiant ex highlight the cover art, which will all be included in Future Flash’s card list. While they haven’t made an appearance, we’re also hoping to see Miraidon, Iron Crown, Iron Leaves, and Iron Thorns which comes from Tyranitar.

Professor Sada’s compatriot in Violet, Professor Turo makes his appearance. Like Professor Sada’s card mentioned above, Professor Turo’s Scenario 065/066 features a futuristic background outside of the graphic’s borders. Tulip joins Professor Turo in Future Flash’s trainer lineup.

Pokémon Ancient Roar and Future Flash Pull Rates

Here are the estimated pull rates for the upcoming Ancient Roar [SV4K] and Future Flash [SV4M] sets. Take note that the pull rates can differ from box to box, and it might not be 100% reflective of what you can find in a Booster Box.

Pokemon Ancient Roar and Future Flash Pull Rates

Pokémon Ancient Roar and Future Flash Release Date

Both expansion sets are scheduled to be released on 27 October. An individual pack will retail for 180 JPY (~US$1.21), while a Booster Box that contains 30 packs will retail at 5,400 JPY (~US$36.42). However, if you’re outside of Japan it’ll be almost impossible to obtain any of them at retail price, so do look check out the SNKRDUNK App to find the best prices for Ancient Roar and Future Flash.

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