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15th November 2023 EDT FEATURES

Everything We Know About the Pokémon TCG Raging Surf Set [SV3a]

The latest Japanese Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG) set features a myriad of legendary and Mythical Pokémon, and also Pokemon #1000: Gholdengo.


Get your swimsuits and surfboards ready, and hit the seas with the latest Japanese Pokémon TCG set. Following the recent release of Ruler of the Black Flame [SV2a], the company is now set to debut the third subset of the TCG’s Scarlet & Violet Expansion Pack, titled “Raging Surf” [SV3a], on 22 September.

Similar to its aforementioned predecessor, Raging Surf will also feature more Type-shifted Tera ex Pokémon cards. Additionally, we will see the reintroduction of Technical Machine (TM) cards, which date back to the 2009 Platinum series.

Raging Surf, as the Booster Pack’s cover art has showcased, will feature a variety of Legendary and Mythical Pokémon—with Garchomp as the centerpiece of this set.

Pokémon TCG Raging Surf Set [SV3a] Set List

While the full set list has not been revealed, the TCG has teased several cards that will be included in the Expansion Pack. Implied from the name of the set, we expect to see a myriad of water-type Pokémon, with a Type-shifted Tera Garchomp at the helm of the list.

Legendary and Mythical Pokémon Featured in Raging Surf [SV3a]

Pokémon TCG Raging Surf Set [SV3a] Arrives on 22 September

Alongside Garchomp, the likes of Groudon, Yvetal, and Palkia are also featured in the set. Jirachi and Tapu Koko are also expected to be included in Raging Surf, although their cards have not been revealed yet.

Female Trainers in Raging Surf [SV3a]

Pokémon TCG Raging Surf Set [SV3a] Arrives on 22 September

Waifu collectors will also be happy to know that at least three female characters have been revealed thus far. Two of them are from the Elite Four, specifically Shauntal from the Unova region and Rika from the newer Paldea region. Parasol Lady is the final trainer in the set, and a Full Art SR version has already been showcased. These might end up being some of the most expensive cards in Raging Surf as per tradition, especially with Parasol Lady’s resemblance to the iconic Erika’s Hospitality from Tag Team GX.

Raging Surf [SV3a] AR Cards

Pokémon TCG Raging Surf Set [SV3a] Arrives on 22 September

In line with recent releases, Raging Surf will also feature ARs in the set. While not many of them have been revealed thus far, we do know that Mantyke, Plusle, and Minun ARs are part of the set. The latter two in particular are super cool, as they feature a linking artwork.

As we inch closer to 22 September, expect more cards to be teased and revealed through official Pokémon channels. Stay tuned for more information and updates regarding this new set, and, in the meantime, check out some of the rarest cards from the previous set, Ruler of the Black Flame.