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24th May 2024 EDT RELEASES

[Pokémon TCG] For Once, There’s More Demand for Bulbasaur Than Its Fellow Gen 1 Starters (Pokémon Card 151 [SV2a] 166/165)

Take THAT, Squirtle and ESPECIALLY Charmander fans.


Considering the fact that Pokémon Card 151 [SV2a] was specifically created to cater to long-time Pokémon fans’ nostalgia for Gen 1, it should go without saying that among the cards that were most in demand from that set were the original three starters. However, somewhat surprisingly, at this point the demand for and value of Bulbasaur card is outpacing those of Charmander and Squirtle.

This Art Rare (AR) card has a Full Art illustration depicting Bulbasaur on a forest floor—apt for the original Grass-type starter Pokémon. To add visual depth, the holofoil pairs with the illustration in a way that makes it seem as though light is streaming down from the sky through the treetops, adding a degree of aesthetic character to the card.

Although Bulbasaur has typically been less popular than the other two starters of Gen 1, it’s nonetheless remained a firm fan favorite through the years because of that status. This, of course, jacks up the value of the card.

Interestingly, the very fact that this card is valued at a price higher than those of the Charmander and Squirtle AR cards from this same set further augments its already burgeoning value. Historically, Bulbasaur and its evolutions have been the most overlooked of the three Gen 1 starters, so the fact that this card is an outlier in this regard might drive interest in it.

In English, this card is 166/165 from the 151 [MEW] set.

According to the latest figures, a Bulbasaur (Pokémon Card 151 [SV2a] 166/165) card costs 5,999 JPY (~US$38).

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