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30th November 2023 EDT RELEASES

Japanese ‘Pokémon Card 151’ Set [SV2a] Card List and Pull Rates

Bringing back the original 151 Pokémon from Kantō.

Japanese ‘Pokémon Card 151’ Set [SV2a] Card List and Pull Rates
Japanese ‘Pokémon Card 151’ Set [SV2a] Card List and Pull Rates

Today marks the launch date for Japanese Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG) ‘Pokémon Card 151’ Set in Japan. Highly anticipated by players and collectors alike, many were calling it the set of the year as soon as the full setlist was revealed.

For this upcoming set, Pokémon TCG traces back its roots and returns to the beloved Kantō region and brings back the OG 151 Pokémon. For many, this is a fond throwback to their childhood, utilizing the original set of Pocket Monsters in updated TCG artwork.

Highlighting the new ‘Pokémon Card 151’ set is the return of Kadabra. This marks the first time in over 20 years that Kadabra will appear on a Pokémon card, after magician Uri Geller finally gave permission for the company to do so.

Along with the return of Kadabra, ‘Pokémon Card 151’ will also feature over 40 secret illustration rare cards, boasting a total of 165 in its repertoire. With Pokémon TCG Waifu hype in full bloom, the return of Erika in both a full-art UR as well as a SAR is sure to send collectors into a frenzy.

‘Pokémon Card 151’ Pull Rates

If you’re looking to collect the aforementioned ‘Erika’s Invitation‘ or other secret illustration rares, be prepared to spend as the ‘Pokémon Card 151’ pull rates are tough, to say the least.

*Note: Above rates are estimates and might not be reflective of every single Booster Box.

That being said, presence a ‘god pack’ in this set has made its rounds on social media. A ‘god pack’ is extremely rare, whereby all the cards in said pack are only rare hits. It’s estimated that a god pack comes around every ~700 packs, but the excitement of finding one is immeasurable.

‘Pokémon Card 151’ Rare Cards List

Without further ado, here are some of the rarest cards everyone is hoping for in their ‘Pokémon Card 151’ boxes. The star of this set is undoubtedly the Mew 205/165 SAR, which features an alternate artwork for Mew. The aforementioned return of Kadabra also sees a secret rare version as 203/165 SAR. If you’re one after the waifu collection, Erika comes in both a regular SR version (195/165) as well as a SAR (206/165).

Pokémon Card 151 ‘Master Ball’ Mirror Variant

Those that have had the chance to open a box, you might have found a new and unique Reverse Holo card with Master Balls imprinted on them. You might be wondering, ‘what exactly are these 151 Master Ball Cards?’

To answer your question, these are actually the new and extremely rare ‘Master Ball’ Mirror cards, only found in 151. These replace the traditional Reverse Holos in other regular Pokémon Card Game sets, although the kicker is that there is only one per box. Almost every regular card from the main 151 set possesses the alternate ‘Master Ball’ Mirror, which totals up to 153. You can only imagine how difficult it will be for ardent collectors to obtain a full master set with these rare ‘Master Ball’ cards in play.

This makes the ‘Master Ball’ Pokémon cards one of the rarest cards in the whole TCG, and the aftermarket prices definitely showcase why. That being said—it’s highly likely the Pokémon Card Game won’t ever print this ‘Master Ball’ Mirror anymore, so if you’re a collector: you know what to look out for.

Pikachu C: Master Ball Mirror

Number: 025/165
Price: US $354~

Where to buy ‘Pokémon Card 151’

While the first wave of ‘Pokémon Card 151’ set is sold out across Japan, Pokémon Center Japan is now doing a made-to-order restock wave for ‘Pokémon Card 151’. These will only begin shipping in September. This is the only way to get a booster box for MSRP, but you will require a Japanese address.

If your hands itch and you can’t wait any longer, you can find brand new and sealed boxes on the SNKRDUNK App. These are directly from sellers in Japan, and they will all be sent to the SNKRDUNK Base for a thorough authentication process. You can find the ‘Pokémon Card 151’ set below or via the link in the sidebar on the right.