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19th April 2024 EDT RELEASES

[Pokémon TCG] Regieleki Grinds Opposing Decks to a Halt (Time Gazer [S10D] 022/067)

Ironically, in the video games Regieleki is anything but a defensive Pokémon.

Pokémon TCG Regieleki

For a large portion of its existence ever since entering the Pokémon TCG in the Time Gazer [S10D] expansion set, Regieleki was primiarily confined to the Regigigas deck—an unorthodox, gimmicky deck which, while it had its moments, never really became a bona fide metagame threat in tournament play. However, things might be starting to change.

Some Pokémon TCG tournament players have begun to use Regieleki as part of a recently-created Charizard ex deck variant; the inclusion of Regieleki makes the deck more defensively-oriented. While that setup and approach have yet to fully catch on, there has clearly been an uptick in the use of this card.

Regieleki is typically played in tandem with Eri from Wild Force [SV5K] and Technical Machine: Devolution from Ancient Roar [SV4K]. These two cards are used for disruption: Eri discards the opponent’s Item cards in hand while Technical Machine: Devolution devolves the opponent’s evolved Pokémon. Regieleki’s Electromagnetic Sonar attack retrieves those cards from the discard pile, allowing the player to once again use them to stall the opponent.

If Temple of Sinnoh—a Stadium card from Space Juggler [S10P]—is removed from play, Regieleki can also be used to bring it back. This Stadium card fits well with many Charizard ex deck setups; hence, it’s in the player’s best interest to keep it active for as long as is possible.

While this card might not be the rarest or most visually striking, Regieleki itself holds some inherent appeal as a member of the six legendary golems. These Pokémon became iconic back in the third generation after the Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire video games required the player to solve exceptionally convoluted puzzles in order to obtain them.

The English version of this card is card 051/189 in the Astral Radiance expansion set.

A Regieleki (Time Gazer [S10D] 022/067) card is very affordable; one card can go for a price of 230 JPY (~US$1.50).

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