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17th April 2024 EDT RELEASES

[Yu-Gi-Oh TCG] Summon Limit’s Ban Was 16 Years in the Making (Rarity Collection Quarter Century Edition RC04-JP071)

Although this card was first introduced in 2008, it hasn't been banned until now (and even then, it's still legal in tournaments in Japan and Asia-Pacific).

Yu-Gi-Oh TCG Summon Limit

Summon Limit was one of four Yu-Gi-Oh TCG cards that Konami has recently deemed ban-worthy from tournaments outside Japan and Asia-Pacific. This card’s prohibition took many within the community by surprise because of its ability to counterplay tactics mainly implemented by Snake-Eyes archetype decks—some of the most dominant in the current metagame.

Summon Limit has been compared to cards such as Vanity’s Emptiness (Structure Deck: Ice Barrier of the Frozen Prison SD40-JP037) and Royal Oppression (Beginner’s Edition 2 BE02-JP162) for its facilitation of strategies deemed toxic to the meta. Although it had been more than 16 years since Summon Limit’s Yu-Gi-Oh TCG debut in the Light of Destruction Core Booster, it was only recently that the meta had changed to a point at which this card was influencing it in a harmful way.

In today’s meta, Summon Limit is exceptionally difficult to counterplay. Due to the increased emphasis on Summons per turn, the restriction of two Summons per turn is exceptionally crippling to countless decks. Summon Limit is also very difficult to counter with solely hand traps—often, floodgates must be used. This in turn leads to overcentralization, hence the banning of this card.

For collectors, this card’s newfound banned status might add to its prestige. Additionally, this card’s Rarity Collection Quarter Century Edition version comes in the 25th-anniversary exclusive Quarter Century Secret Rare rarity.

This card has already been released in English.

A Quarter Century Secret Rare Summon Limit (Rarity Collection Quarter Century Edition RC04-JP071) card costs 2,410 JPY (~US$16).

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