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17th April 2024 EDT NEWS

[Yu-Gi-Oh TCG] New Tournament Card Restrictions Outside Japan/Asia-Pacific Effective from 15 April 2024

Linkuriboh, Baronne de Fleur, Borreload Savage Dragon, and Summon Limit have been completely banned.


To account for the most recent changes across the metagame, Konami has now released the latest tournament card restrictions for all Yu-Gi-Oh TCG tournaments to be held outside Japan and other Asia-Pacific countries. Unlike those of other TCG games, Yu-Gi-Oh’s tournament blacklists differ between regions.

These restrictions came into effect on 15 April 2024 in North and Latin America; they will do likewise on 22 April 2024 in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Oceania. A total of 16 cards have seen their playability status changed.

Four cards have now been completely banned, meaning that none of a player’s registered tournament decks are allowed to contain any copies of these cards. The cards in question are Linkuriboh, Baronne de Fleur, Borreload Savage Dragon, and Summon Limit.

Prior to the latest restrictions, none of these four cards had even been restricted in any way. However, shifts in the meta outside Japan and Asia-Pacific forced Konami’s hand as these cards had become significantly overpowered in the current Yu-Gi-Oh TCG environment.

Six cards have been moved to the restricted category, meaning that among all of a player’s registered tournament decks, only one can contain such cards. These six cards are Archnemeses Protos, Majespecter Unicorn – Kirin, Thunder Dragon Colossus, Chicken Game, Anti-Spell Fragrance, and Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls.

All of these cards except for the previously unrestricted Anti-Spell Fragrance have been taken off the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG’s tournament blacklist. Players may thus now use them in their tournament decks in more limited capacities.

Two cards are now semi-restricted, meaning that each official tournament deck may contain a maximum of two copies of each card on the semi-restricted list. These cards are Armageddon Knight and Purrely Delicious Memory. Both of these cards have been downgraded from the restricted to the semi-restricted category.

Finally, four cards will now be fully unrestricted after having previously been either restricted or semi-restricted but will now have all restrictions removed. These cards are Destiny Hero – Malicious, Orcust Harp Horror, Speedroid Terrortop, and Sky Striker Mobilize – Engage.

Orcust Harp Horror was previously restricted but will now have all restrictions dropped. All threee other cards just mentioned, meanwhile, have been moved from the semi-restricted category to the unrestricted category.

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