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19th April 2024 EDT RELEASES

[Pokémon TCG] Dudunsparce Sets Up the Big Plays (Wild Force [SV5K] 057/071)

Unlike encountering the three-segment version in the video games, there's much more than a 1% chance that this card will make an impact in Pokémon TCG tournaments.

Pokémon TCG Dudunsparce

When it was first introduced to the Pokémon franchise at the beginning of the ninth generation, Dudunsparce, the new evolution of Dunsparce, was largely seen as nothing more than a “gimmick Pokémon”. Not all that popular or powerful in the video games, Dudunsparce’s most notable feature was the 1% chance that its body would have three segments instead of two. However, its Pokémon TCG counterpart from Wild Force [SV5K] is anything but gimmicky.

This card’s most notable gameplay feature is Run Away Draw. That Ability permits the player to draw three cards before shuffling Dudunsparce and all of its attached cards into the player’s deck. In addition to the Ability’s card-drawing capabilities, the fact that Dudunsparce is shuffled back into the deck is an additional advantage because it provides an additional opportunity for Dudunsparce to be retrieved and Run Away Draw to again be used.

Owing to this card’s general versatility, it’s a viable option within a great many decks. For this reason, it has started to make appearances as a key part of several tournament decks—most notably alongside Roaring Moon.

Though this card might neither be all that rare not feature a particularly appealing illustration, its gameplay viability as well as the “cult favorite” status of the Pokémon it depicts might boost its value.

In English, this card is 129/162 of the Temporal Forces [TEF] set.

As of the latest figures, the price of a Dudunsparce (Wild Force [SV5K] 057/071) card is 2,010 JPY (~US$13).

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