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[ONE PIECE Card Game] The Strongest Swordsman Strikes: Dracule Mihawk Parallel Art (Romance Dawn [OP01-070])

One of the Marineford Arc's main antagonists features on a top-selling Parallel Art card.

ONE PIECE Card Game Dracule Mihawk Parallel Art

Among the rarest and most prized ONE PIECE Card Game cards to exist are those originally awarded as prizes to the champs of Flagship Battle tournaments. One such card is the Parallel Art version of the Dracule Mihawk card from Romance Dawn [OP-01]—a card that’s seen a notable sales uptick of late.

This card was first awarded to winners of Flagship Battle tournaments in Japan from January to March 2024. Although the card hasn’t even been around for that long, demand for the relatively few copies that have found their way to the open market has been peaking.

It’s one of two such cards to have experienced such an increase; the other is the Parallel Art version of the Roronoa Zoro card from Romance Dawn [OP-01].

The card depicts Mihawk wielding Yoru, the enormous Black Blade capable of setting off large shockwaves with just one swing. With Mihawk surrounded by those teal-colored shockwaves against a multi-colored, almost kaleidoscopic background, the illustration encapsulates Mihawk’s status as “the strongest swordsman in the world” according to One Piece’s in-universe canon.

While the original Dracule Mihawk (OP01-070) card has an English version, there isn’t one for this Parallel Art form.

As is the case with other tournament prize cards, a copy of a Dracule Mihawk Parallel Art (Romance Dawn [OP01-070]) card doesn’t come cheap. One such card goes for 249,999 JPY (~US$1,652)!

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