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25th March 2024 EDT RELEASES

[Yu-Gi-Oh TCG] Ancient Gear Dragon Makes Its Series Debut (V Jump May 2024 Promotional Card VJMP-JP252) [Release Date: 21 March 2024]

Never bought an issue of V Jump before? Well, now there's a reason to.

Yu-Gi-Oh TCG Ancient Gear Dragon

Over the years, shōnen manga magazine V Jump has given the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG a great deal of publicity—and it has now done so once again. The release of V Jump’s May 2024 issue on 21 March 2024 saw that issue come bundled with a one-of-a-kind Yu-Gi-Oh TCG card not part of any other set or booster pack: the Ancient Gear Dragon card.

V Jump has distributed Yu-Gi-Oh TCG cards since July 2000. Ancient Gear Dragon is merely the latest in an extensive list of such cards.

This Ultra Rare card depicts the titular dragon mecha launching an attack of some sort while positioned in front of a holographic background adorned with metallic gear patterns. The line pattern positioned opposite to the Ancient Gear Dragon’s apparent direction of movement adds ideas of forcefulness and mobility to the imagery.

Gameplay-wise, this card can be Normal Summoned without Tributing if the player controls either only EARTH Machine monsters or no monsters at all. Once per turn, the player can use this card to negate the opponent’s Spell/Trap Card or Quick Effect by sending a Machine monster from the hand or field or an Ancient Gear Golem from the deck to the Graveyard.

This card hasn’t been released in English; it’s unlikely that it ever will.

Despite its high rarity level, an Ancient Gear Dragon (V Jump May 2024 Promotional Card VJMP-JP252) card is relatively affordable, costing just ¥1,160 (~US$7.66).

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