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1st April 2024 EDT RELEASES

[Pokémon TCG] Promotional Koraidon, Miraidon, Oversized Iron Crown ex Cards Have Launched in Europe [Release Date: 22 March 2024]

The Koraidon and Miraidon cards will be available in 13 countries, while no further information about the oversized Iron Crown ex's availability is yet present.


[Update 1 Apr 2024] Another card has now been added to this promo. Starting from 29 March 2024, anyone who spends at least 20 EUR (~US$21.60) at one of GAME’s UK stores may receive an oversized Raging Bolt ex card. It’s also possible to receive that card by purchasing selected Temporal Forces [TEF] products on GAME’s website.


Starting from 22 March 2024, participating Pokémon TCG retailers across Europe have been distributing special promotional holofoil versions of the Koraidon card from Wild Force [SV5K] and the Miraidon card from Cyber Judge [SV5M]. Other participating stores, meanwhile, have now made an oversized promotional version of the Iron Crown ex card from Cyber Judge [SV5M] available.

To obtain either the Koraidon or Miraidon card, customers must spend at least €20 (~US$21.60) on Pokémon TCG products at a participating store. Participating stores can be found in 13 European countries: Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

The Iron Crown ex card is to be obtained in a similar way. To land it, customers must spend at least €25 (~US$27) on Pokémon TCG products at a participating store. This card’s list of participating stores and locations, however, hasn’t yet been made public.

These cards’ release date was likely timed to coincide with the Japanese launch of Crimson Haze [SV5a] as well as the international drop of Temporal Forces [TEF].

As the Iron Crown ex card is oversized, it will be strictly a collectible and unplayable in official tournaments. No word on the legality of the promotional Koraidon and Miraidon cards has yet come out.

None of these cards are yet up for sale; thus, no retail prices are in yet. Stay with us as information continues to come in.

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