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25th March 2024 EDT RELEASES

[Pokémon TCG] For That Gen 9 Aesthetic, Pick Up Some Vibrant Paldea Mini Tins [Release Date: 7 June 2024]

Each tin will come with two booster packs.


For Pokémon TCG enthusiasts who are just as much about the Pokémon aesthetic as they are about the cards themselves, there’s some good news coming up. The Vibrant Paldea Mini Tins will be arriving on 7 June 2024.

These mini tins come in five different cover designs. These designs feature Dachsbun and Oricorio, Espathra and Ampharos, Leafeon and Arboliva, Palafin and Pachirisu, and Goomy and Ceruledge respectively.

Expect the Leafeon/Arboliva tin to be the most popular. Eeveelutions have always been among the most popular Pokémon, while Arboliva has proven to be something of a “sleeper hit” with many fans.

Each purchase of a mini tin comes with a sticker sheet, an art card, and—most importantly of all—two Pokémon TCG booster packs. The sets from which the cards in those booster packs will be taken haven’t yet been finalized.

One Vibrant Paldea Mini Tin with everything else thrown in will sell for US$9.99.

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