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21st March 2024 EDT RELEASES

[Pokémon TCG] Expansion Set Release: Crimson Haze [SV5a] [Release Date: 22 March 2024]

Projected to be the sixth mainline expansion set in the ninth generation of the Pokémon TCG.


[Update 21 Mar 2024] In what will likely be the final update before release, images of five new cards of Art Rare (AR) and Special Art Rare (SAR) cards have now been posted on PokéBeach.com. Find them in the gallery and get ready for the big day tomorrow!

[Update 20 Mar 2024] The retail price of a 5-card pack of Crimson Haze [SV5a] cards has been confirmed to be ¥180 (~US$1.19).

There have also been two new Art Rare (AR) card images that have been uploaded to PokéBeach.com—browse the gallery for them.

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[Update 18 Mar 2024] A Special Art Rare (SAR) version of that same Lana’s Assistance card has been seen on PokéBeach.com. Check it out in the gallery and stay tuned for incoming information.

[Update 11 Mar 2024] A Special Rare (SR) card—a Full Art Lana’s Assistance—has been posted to PokéBeach.com. Browse the gallery for it and stay with us as information continues to come in.

[Update 8 Mar 2024] Via PokéBeach.com, another Art Rare (AR) card has surfaced—a Full Art Perrin. Check it out in the gallery and stay tuned for more details!

[Update 4 Mar 2024] By way of PokéBeach.com, two more Art Rare (AR) card images and one more Double Rare (RR) image have surfaced. Head to the gallery to check it out and stay with us for more details on this majorly-anticipated set!

[Update 27 Feb 2024] Two more images of Art Rare (AR) cards have now arrived via PokéBeach.com. Take a look through the gallery to check them out and stay tuned for further updates.

[Update 20 Feb 2024] Several new card images have been shown on PokéBeach.com including five cards which are of Double Rare (RR) rarities or even rarer. Browse the gallery for images of these cards—there’s even a Special Art Rare (SAR)!

The official set acronym for Crimson Haze has also now been confirmed to be [SV5a].


Not long after the releases of the Wild Force [SV5K] and Cyber Judge [SV5M] expansion sets, the next Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG) sets to be out are already just around the corner. The Crimson Haze [SV5a] expansion set will be arriving in Japan on 22 March 2024.

The Crimson Haze [SV5a] expansion will likely be centered around Pokémon introduced in the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet video games’ Teal Mask DLC. These include Dipplin, Poltchageist, Sinistcha, the Bloodmoon form of Ursaluna, and a quartet of Legendary Pokémon: Ogerpon, Okidogi, Munkidori, and Fezandipiti.

Here are some standout cards which have already been revealed:

Special Art Rare (SAR): Bloodmoon Ursaluna ex, Lana’s Assistance, Sinistcha ex, Perrin

Art Rare (AR): Pinsir, Infernape, Phione, Applin, Cramorant, Perrin, Poltchageist, Heliolisk, Hisuian Growlithe, Torkoal, Probopass

Secret Rare (SR): Lana’s Assistance

Pokémon TCG Crimson Haze

Double Rare (RR): Bloodmoon Ursaluna ex, Scream Tail ex, Iron Thorns ex, Magcargo ex

Those outside Japan can expect many of the Crimson Haze [SV5a] cards to arrive as part of the Temporal Forces expansion. The Temporal Forces expansion launches internationally on the same date as that of the launch of Crimson Haze in Japan. Temporal Forces will contain many of the cards found in Wild Force [SV5K] and Cyber Judge [SV5M].

If the pre-release of Crimson Haze [SV5a] will be conducted in the same way as that of Wild Force [SV5K] and Cyber Judge [SV5M], the full list of secret rares can be expected to be revealed within a month of the expansion of the set’s official release.

Buying Pokémon TCG Crimson Haze [SV5a]

No retail prices have yet been finalized. Stay tuned for further updates.

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