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14th March 2024 EDT RELEASES

[ONE PIECE Card Game] Kaidou’s Son Arrives in Leader Parallel Art Form: Yamato (Wings of the Captain [OP-06] OP06-022)

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ONE PIECE Card Game Yamato

The release of the Wings of the Captain [OP-06] ONE PIECE Card Game booster pack included several Leader Parallel Art cards, one of which is this Yamato card. Introduced during the Wano Country Arc, the would-be successor to Kozuki Oden features on one of the set’s most sought-after cards.

The card’s full-art illustration makes use of thick, bold lines, making the character stand out on a card with a holofoil background. Additionally, as one of just six Leader Parallel Art cards in this set, the card’s rarity goes a long way in boosting its value.

While in most cases a card featuring a female character gets a value boost, there’s actually an interesting aside regarding this matter. Canonically, Yamato was assigned female at birth but identifies as a trans man. Some of the more casual collectors might not be aware of this—in turn ironically leading to the value boost mentioned. Additionally, for that same reason, the card is likely to be much-desired by LGBTQ+ players and collectors.

This card has already been released in English.

A Yamato (Wings of the Captain [OP06] OP06-022]) Leader Parallel Art card sells for ¥10,000 (~US$68).

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