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23rd November 2023 EDT RELEASES

ONE PIECE Card Game Wings of Captain [OP-06] | Card List, Release Date, & More

With quite possibly the best looking Special Rares, yet.


ONE PIECE Card Game is back with another mainline release, and it’s a banger.

Introducing OP-06, officially titled “Wings of Captain” (双璧の覇者), the latest entry into the growing Trading Card Game (TCG). This will mark the sixth main set of the ONE PIECE TCG, and will go on sale starting from 25 November. Wings of Captain [OP-06] follows shortly after “Protagonist of the New Generation” [OP-05], which was released back in late August.


[Update 22 Nov 2023] OP-06 Rare Cards Revealed!

SEC (Manga)

First and foremost, the “Manga Rare” SEC of the set has been revealed to be none other than Zoro! This will no doubt be one of the most highly sought-after cards in the entire set.

One Piece Card Game OP-06 Wings of Captain

Special Rares

As mentioned below, there will be a total of six Special Rare cards—alongside the beautiful Buggy card that blew us away. The other five have now been revealed, and boy oh boy are they immaculate. Besides Buggy, the other five cards will be Rebecca, Sugar, Borsalino, Linlin, and Miss All Sunday.

Alternate Art Rares (Parallel Art)

Next up, the Alternate Arts form the bulk of the rare cards you can find in OP-06’s card list. Once again, it seems like ONE PIECE Card Game has outdone themselves—big time. Onami, upon first reveal, has been touted as one of the best cards in the set, with an amazing art to boot. In fact, all of them look awesome. We’d like to focus your attention on the Luffy and Shank cards on the third image—don’t they just look simply stunning?

Leader Alternate Art Rares (Parallel Art)

Last but certainly not the least, the Leader Alt cards. We’ve previously seen Vinsmoke Reiju and Perona, but now all six have been showcased in their entirety.

One Piece Card Game OP-06 Wings of Captain

Image credit: @ONEPIECE_tcg, kongbakpao

ONE PIECE Card Game Wings of Captain [OP-06] Card List: What we know so far

In chapter 1020 of the evergreen ONE PIECE manga, fellow Straw Hat Crew member Robin referred to Sanji and Zoro as “the wings of the king of pirates”, which has since gone on to be an endearing term within the community. This is, of course, alluding to the duo’s relationship to Luffy; how they’ve been his left and right-hand man from the very start of the series. Just as Roger had Rayleigh and Gaban, Luffy has Zoro and Sanji.

As the previous paragraph implies, Wings of Captain will primarily feature Sanji and Zoro as its titular characters, with the duo taking centerstage on the pack’s art design. The two will also be featured as Secret Rare cards in their manga art form, and boy do they look good.

One Piece Card Game OP-06 Wings of Captain

Credit: optcg.it

As with tradition, Wings of Captain will introduce cards from a variety of story arcs into the ONE PIECE TCG universe—namely iconic characters from Fish-Man Island, Thriller Bark, and Germa 66. Hody Jones and fan-favorite Vinsmoke Reiju highlight some of the new entries, with Uta, Yamato, Perona, Gecko Moria set to join them as OP-06’s Leader Cards.

Fans and players alike will also be excited to know that Vinsmoke Reiju and Perona have also been confirmed to receive Secret Rare alternate art versions. While some will undoubtedly be disappointed that the Kingdoms of Intrigue [OP-04] Secret Rare artworks weren’t revisited, but the set has found other ways to make up for it—namely in the Special Rares below.

While not all of the Special Rares from the set have been revealed just yet, we were treated to quite possibly the best looking card in the entirety of the ONE PIECE Card Game TCG thus far. The eccentric Buggy is presented in a full-art version, sitting in a pile of gold and other treasures. This card has made its rounds on social media, with many fans praising the intricacy and detail of the card. Buggy will no doubt be one of the most highly sought-after cards once OP-06 releases.

It’s going to be intriguing to see the rest of the Special Rare cards, but if Buggy is anything to go by, fans will be in for a treat.

ONE PIECE Card Game Wings of Captain [OP-06] Set Details

While the full card list has not been revealed just yet, here’s all the details you need to know about the set:

Set NameWings of Captain
Price• 1 Booster Pack (6 cards): 220 JPY (~US$1.46)
• 1 Booster Box (24 packs): 5,280 JPY (~US$35.14)
Release Date25 November 2023
Rarity List• Leader Card: 6 types
• Common: 45 types
• Uncommon: 30 types
• Rare: 26 types
• Super Rare: 10 types
• Secret Rare: 2 types
• Special Cards: 6 types
• DON!! Card: 1 type
Total: 126 types