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14th March 2024 EDT RELEASES

[ONE PIECE Card Game] Enter The Phantom Princess: Rebecca SR SPC (Awakening of the New Era [OP-05] OP05-091)

We don't think we need to explain why this card is a major catch.

ONE PIECE Card Game Rebecca SR SPC

Following her introduction to the One Piece manga during the Dressrosa arc, Rebecca quickly became a fan favorite. The former Princess of Dressrosa has consistently ranked in the top 10 of most popular female One Piece characters; thus, it came as little surprise when she was depicted on a Secret Rare Special (SR SPC) ONE PIECE Card Game card in the Awakening of the New Era [OP-05] set.

Part of this card’s value is carried by its exceptional rarity. SR SPC cards are some of the biggest pulls one could possibly land. Couple that with the fact that the card depicts a character whose popularity has risen to even rival those of characters which get significantly more time in the spotlight and it’s understandable why this card’s appeal and value have recently risen significantly.

Not surprisingly, the card’s (and character’s) sex appeal plays a role as well. The full-card illustration positions Rebecca slightly to the left and from a low overhead view so as to accentuate her figure—further emphasized by her low-cut clothing.

While this card has already been released in English, its SR SPC version has not. No English release is planned for the time being.

A Rebecca (Awakening of the New Era [OP-05] OP05-091) card of SR SPC rarity carries a price tag of ¥15,000 (~US$102).

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