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21st February 2024 EDT RELEASES

Donald Trump Sneakers Surface at Sneaker Con 2024

Curious about who snapped up the Trump Sneakers.


Former President Donald Trump shows up with his line of sneakers at Sneaker Con in Philadelphia on 18 February, 2024. The launch, which coincided with significant legal financial judgments against him, featured the “NEVER SURRENDER HIGH-TOP SNEAKER”, a striking gold high-top that sold out its limited run of 1,000 pairs, each priced at US$399.

The “Trump Sneakers” line expands beyond the high-tops, featuring the “T-Red Wave” and “POTUS 45” editions available for US$199 each. The collection also includes Victory47 cologne and perfume, each encased in gold-colored bottles for US$99, reflecting Trump’s signature branding style. The entire range is showcased on a new website GetTrumpSneakers.com.

According to the website, the products are “trademarks of CIC Ventures LLC. Trump Sneakers are not designed, manufactured, distributed or sold by Donald J. Trump, The Trump Organization or any of their respective affiliates or principals. 45Footwear, LLC uses the Trump name, image and likeness under a license agreement”.

Despite the political and legal controversies surrounding Trump, the release of Donald Trump Sneakers at such a pivotal sneaker event underscores the unique blend of politics, celebrity influence, and sneaker culture. Critics, including the Biden-Harris re-election campaign, have humorously commented on Trump’s latest business venture, highlighting its novelty within the sneaker world.

As Trump faces nearly $450 million in legal penalties, the Donald Trump Sneakers line adds an intriguing layer to his diverse entrepreneurial pursuits, capturing the attention of both supporters and skeptics alike.

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