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23rd November 2023 EDT RELEASES

McDonald’s China Teams Up With Verdy to Offer Exclusive Meals and Merchandises

Proving that they are "Best Friends Forever".


Following the likes of Palace, Edison Chen’s CLOT and K-pop sensation NewJeans, Japanese creative Verdy is now set to join forces with the renowned fast-food chain McDonald’s for a “Best Friends Forever” themed offering in China.

What to expect

Vick, an iconic graphic character created by Verdy, will grace the covers of special meal packagings alongside two McDonald’s icons–Hamburglar and Speedee. In addition to the food offerings, the duo will also present an exclusive lineup of apparel, consisting of graphic tees, jerseys, accessories, and bags.

Where to buy

Arriving exclusively to the China regions, the McDonald’s China x Verdy “Best Friends Forever” collection is available for purchase until 2 January 2024, with special events slated to roll out starting 25 November.

Source: @futuristicgears

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