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15th November 2023 EDT FEATURES

The Bestselling TCG Products of July 2023

Here's a rundown of the most popular TCG products on the app throughout the month of July, dominated by the Pokémon Trading Card Game.


The past month has been nothing short of amazing for TCG enthusiasts, specifically Pokémon lovers. In the short span of a month or so, the Japanese Pokémon TCG franchise released two new sets back-to-back, creating a new influx of attention and interest in the game.

The first needs no introduction: The highly coveted Pokémon Card 151 [SV2a] was released on 16 June, while the subsequent Ruler of the Black Flame [SV3] debuted on 28 July. The popularity of both sets and the desire to find the rarest Pokémon cards have led them to become some of the most expensive Pokémon cards in recent times.

It’s no surprise that throughout the month of July, products and cards from the aforementioned sets are some of the most popular TCG products bought and sold on the SNKRDUNK App. From booster boxes to single cards, we go through the most popular TCG items that people bought in July.

Most Popular TCG Products on the SNKRDUNK App in July

■ 1. Pokemon Card 151 [SV2a] Booster Box & Pack

The Bestselling TCG Products in July 2023

It will come as no surprise that Pokémon Card 151 Booster Box and Pack come in first as the most traded TCG product on the SNKRDUNK App. The 151 set has been touted by fans as the best of the year weeks before it even hit the shelves, despite the Pokémon 151 pull rate being notoriously harsh. That being said, it won’t stop fans from hunting down the likes of Erika’s Invitation SAR and Charizard ex SAR, both of which are also included in this list.

■ 2. Ruler of the Black Flame [SV3] Booster Box & Pack

The Bestselling TCG Products in July 2023

Following closely behind the 151 behemoth is the latest Japanese Pokémon TCG set, Ruler of the Black Flame [SV3]. As mentioned in the original post, Ruler of the Black Flame ushers in a new era for Pokémon TCG players with the arrival of the new Type-Shifted Tera Type ex cards. Not to mention, the set also features the titular Dark-Type Tera Charizard ex in its card set list, making it a must-buy for collectors and players alike.

■ 3. Charizard ex SAR [SV2a 201/165]

The Bestselling TCG Products in July 2023

The first single card to appear on the list is the aforementioned Charizard ex SAR from Pokémon Card 151. While it’s not the most expensive Pokémon card nor is it the rarest in the set, it’s popularity has soared throughout the month just like the Charizard presented in the artwork. It’s a must-have for Charizard lovers, and the volume in which it is bought and sold definitely backs that statement.

■ 4. Pikachu [WCS23 001/030]

The Bestselling TCG Products in July 2023

This Pikachu card is extremely rare and unique in its own right. Not belonging to either of the aforementioned sets, it can only be found in the Pokemon World Championships 2023 Yokohama Anniversary Deck: Pikachu set. It was released alongside the Ruler of the Black Flame on 28 July in anticipation of the 2023 World Championships held in Yokohama on August 11 to 13. It’s a highly coveted card, and its price tag reflects it.

■ 5. VSTAR Universe [S12a] Box & Pack

The Bestselling TCG Products in July 2023

Every year, Japanese Pokémon TCG releases a once-a-year set titled as the High Class Pack. Differing from its usual Expansion Pack releases, it comes in a rectangular box with only 10 packs within. The latest of these is the VSTAR Universe, which continues to be popular eight months after its release. That comes with a reason too, as VSTAR Universe contains some of the top hits in recent Pokémon TCG sets, including Pikachu AR and Elesa’s Sparkle SR.

■ 6. Mew ex SAR [SV2a 205/165]

The Bestselling TCG Products in July 2023

In the Most Expensive Cards in Pokémon Card 151 story, we presented this Mew ex SAR as the best-looking card in the set. That much still holds true, even more so as this card is the sixth most bought and sold TCG item in July, despite its high price tag. It also contains a special holographic effect when looked upon at different angles, making it one of the most unique and interesting cards in all of Pokémon TCG.

■ 7. Erika’s Invitation SAR [SV2a 206/165]

The Bestselling TCG Products in July 2023

In a similar vein as the Mew above, this Erika’s Invitation SAR ranked in as the most expensive Pokémon card in Pokémon 151. Although it is one of the hardest cards to pull, the vintage-like special artwork makes it one of the most highly sought-after Pokémon cards in the set.

■ 8. Pokémon Card Game Promo Card Pack 25th Anniversary Edition

This promo pack might be the cheapest out of the list, but don’t be fooled by its price tag. As part of the TCG’s 25th anniversary celebrations last year, this promo pack features 25 different vintage Pokémon cards retooled for the modern era. All of them carry a special red and gold “25th” stamp on the graphic. When it comes to value, it’s no slouch either—the top pull from this set, Charizard, goes for over ~US$225 if you can find one.

■ 9. Charizard ex SAR [SV3 134/108]

the bestselling tcg products in july 2023

The top pull in terms of price and rarity from the latest Japanese Pokémon TCG set, Ruler of the Black Flame, sees the ferocious Charizard taking centerstage. As mentioned above, this is the first time we’ve seen the Pokémon in the all-new Type-shifted Tera form, alternating from its regular Fire Type to Darkness. It’s no wonder that this crystallised Charizard takes the mantle as Ruler of the Black Flame, literally.

■ 10. Pikachu C: Master Ball Mirror [SV2a 025/165]

the bestselling tcg products in july 2023

Last but certainly not least is the Pikachu C: Master Ball Mirror from Pokémon Card 151. This might seem like a ‘normal’ reverse holo, but closer inspection reveals the Poké Ball graphic is actually that of the Master Ball. Only one reverse holo card per booster box will come with this Master Ball variant, so you can only imagine how difficult it is to find Pikachu specifically. Hence why it’s still the second most expensive card in the set, even more so than the aforementioned Charizard SAR.

And there we have it! These are the top 10 bestselling TCG products on the SNKRDUNK App throughout July. While the list only showcases 10 of the most popular items, don’t forget to head on to the ‘Trading Cards’ Tab on the app to explore all the other offerings currently available on the app. You might find some gems at good prices!

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