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15th November 2023 EDT FEATURES

SNKRDUNK Base: An Inside Look Into Our Logistics and Authentication Center

Ever wondered what happens behind-the-scenes at SNKRDUNK? Then this walkthrough will answer all of your queries.


Is SNKRDUNK authentic? With stringent authentication standards and state-of-the-art technology, we have achieved an industry-high appraisal accuracy of 99.96%* for authentication of products. SNKRDUNK also boasts the No. 1 transaction volume in Japan.

In April 2023, we unveiled SNKRDUNK Base, our brand new logistics and authentication center situated in the Toyosu region of Tokyo. Tens of thousands of orders pass through the SNKRDUNK Base daily, comprising a wide variety of products ranging from sneakers, apparel, and trading cards.

Below is a step-by-step guide detailing the series of events that occur from the moment an item arrives at our warehouse until it is dispatched.

1. Arrival of Products

Well-equipped work stations are set up within the warehouse, where our staffs unpack/unbox the packages carefully without making any damages.

The whole process is video-recorded for quality assurance purposes.

2. Verification and Labeling

Transaction data will be retrieved from the shipping label to ensure that details such as quantity, size and SKU code matches the received package.

An individual ID label will then be attached to the verified product, which can be used to update its transaction status during the entire authentication process.

3. Sorting

Labeled products will then be sorted by the following categories and moved to their respective authentication booths:

  • Sneakers
  • Trading Cards
  • Streetwear
  • Luxury
  • Figurines & Games

4. Authentication

Being Japan’s only platform to deploy a specialized X-ray machine, we are able to offer exceptionally-precise results during the authentication process.

This X-ray machine generates three-dimensional graphs that give a thorough view of the item’s interior compartments.

We also check products against a database that is updated on a regular basis to ensure that no areas are overlooked.

5. Quality Assurance

After the product passes authentication, we will then proceed to check if there are any damages.

Quality standards will defer by brands and individual products, which are determined by past records and experiences of our authenticators.

6. Appraisal Badge

Once the product passes the final quality check, a certified badge or sticker seal will then be attached to it.

Our sticker seal is also designed to be only used once to prevent replacement on other products.

7. Packaging

To eliminate any form of human errors, packaging of products and shipment labeling are done by specialized machines.

Specific wrapping materials are also used to ensure that products are delivered safely with no damages.

8. Dispatchment

Packages that are ready to be shipped will be handled over to our delivery courier.

To ensure that the product reaches our buyer in the shortest time, in Japan we have officially partnered up with Yamato Transport to provide a speedy delivery service.

And there you have it—a breakdown of what happens behind the scenes at the SNKRDUNK Base. In the event that an item is evaluated to be unauthentic or damaged, the transaction will be cancelled immediately, the item returned to the seller and payment refunded to the buyer.

With this peace of mind, head over to the SNKRDUNK App to shop your favorite sneakers and streetwear items now. If you are curious to find out more on SNKRDUNK Base, take a look at GQ Japan’s exclusive video feature here.


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