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How SNKRDUNK Authenticates TCG Products

Here's how we methodologically authenticate TCG (Trading Card Game) products.

How SNKRDUNK Authenticates TCG Products
How SNKRDUNK Authenticates TCG Products

Besides being the No. 1 sneaker and streetwear platform in Japan, SNKRDUNK is also one of the biggest marketplaces for TCG products. Through our app, users from all over the world are able to purchase booster boxes, single cards, and PSA cards without worry.

Each and every TCG product that comes through our warehouse is carefully examined, processed, and authenticated before being delivered to the customer.

What is TCG?

TCG, acronym for Trading Card Game, and also known as collectible card game (CCG), is a type of card game that involves deck building elements and strategy. While most of us have definitely heard or played TCGs in our childhood days, TCGs such as Pokémon, One Piece, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Magic: The Gathering have enjoyed a resurgence among both players and collectors in recent years. As such, the verification of each item’s authenticity has become an important aspect for TCG enthusiasts.

Here’s how the SNKRDUNK team authenticates TCG products:

The SNKRDUNK Authentication Process

1. Shrink Wrap Appraisal and Quality Inspection
How SNKRDUNK authenticates TCG products

Boasting the No. 1 trading volume of TCG booster boxes in Japan, our authentication team has built a large database of different shrink wrap packaging and their conditions. This includes manufacturing methods and heat shrinkage processes.

When a buyer purchases a TCG booster box from our app, our team thoroughly examines the item, eliminating any chance of fake products and/or re-shrinking attempts based on the database. We also ensure that box products are free of damages such as holes and tears.

2. X-Ray Transmission Equipment
How SNKRDUNK authenticates TCG products

After the TCG booster box product goes through initial shrink wrap appraisals, our team at SNKRDUNK BASE in Japan uses a highly-specialized X-ray machine to scan and confirm the number and arrangement of the packs within the box.

This sophisticated procedure provides assurances that the contents of each box have not been removed.

3. Single Cards
How SNKRDUNK authenticates TCG products

When single cards come through our authentication team, each and every card is appraised carefully. Key factors, such as the thickness and size of the card are also measured. Black light is also used to check and verify the holographic reaction of each card’s surface.

At the same time, other important card grading factors such as whitening, dents, and centering are also carefully inspected by the team during the authentication process.

4. PSA-Graded Cards
How SNKRDUNK authenticates TCG products

PSA (Professional Sports Authenticator) is a card grading company that appraises and grades cards on their condition. As TCG collecting becomes more popular, fake PSA-graded cards have also appeared on the market.

At SNKRDUNK, we not only verify the authenticity of the card, but also the PSA case itself. Our team checks for the holographic reaction of the case when shown under black light, and also inspects the grading stickers, damages, and signs of openings.

5. Multiple Authentication Checks

Considering that there is a possibility of oversight, another member of the SNKRDUNK TCG authentication team will perform the entire authentication process once more. By having the item go through two or more pairs of eyes and eliminating human errors, we hope to offer buyers peace of mind.

6. The SNKRDUNK Guarantee
How SNKRDUNK authenticates TCG products

Once the entire authentication process has concluded and the TCG product is judged to meet our appraisal and quality standards, it will be shipped off to customers with the SNKRDUNK “Appraisal Seal”—our proof of product authenticity.

In the event that an item is evaluated to be unauthentic or damaged, the transaction will be cancelled immediately, the payment refunded to the buyer and the item returned to the seller.

With this peace of mind, you can shop your favorite Pokemon, One Piece, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Magic: The Gathering products directly on our platform. Download the SNKRDUNK App today!


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