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25th May 2023 EDT FEATURES

You Can Now ‘Favorite’ Items on the SNKRDUNK App!

Presenting the 'Favorite' function, which allows you to bookmark and receive price drop and restock notifications on the SNKRDUNK App!


Considering a certain sneaker, streetwear piece or Trading Card Game (TCG) product but it’s not available at the moment? Fret not, our ‘Favorite’ function allows you to easily bookmark any desired item for later.

Be it sneakers, streetwear items, or TCG products, this newly-added feature helps you to keep track of your top picks across all categories on the SNKRDUNK App.

How to ‘Favorite’ Items

Favoriting a product on our app is as simple as 1-2-3!

First, navigate to and tap on the item you have in mind and locate the heart icon at the bottom left of the product page (right next to the ‘Sell’ and ‘Buy Now’ buttons). Tap the heart icon to choose your preferred size, then click on ‘Add to Favorites’ to add it!

From there, you will be able to easily find all your favorited products all in one place on your ‘My Page’ tab. Whenever there’s a restock or a price drop of a favorited product, you will receive a notification from us.

Plus, you will be able to see how many times an item has been ‘Favorited’, allowing you to make an informed purchasing decision based on how popular the product is.

Don’t hold back—head over to the SNKRDUNK App now and start adding items to your ‘Favorites’ list!


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