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31st August 2023 EDT RELEASES

Release Confirmed: Travis Scott x Nike Mac Attack

The second time these rumored sneakers have been spotted in the wild.


[Update 31 Aug 2023] Following the update the day before, official images of the Travis Scott x Nike Mac Attack have come to light. But more importantly, so has a release date. Word has it that the pair will be released on 2 December via Nike SNKRS and select retailers. Keep a lookout! Should anything change, expect another update here at this very page.

[Update 30 Aug 2023] There isn’t a release date yet for the Travis Scott x Nike Mac Attack but it’s expected to arrive before 2023 makes an exit. Till then, here’re some new images from @kicksdong to tide you over. Check them out at the gallery above!

[Update 26 Jul 2023] The Travis Scott x Nike Mac Attack been seen in and around over the last few months. While La Flame has showcased them on-feet, here’s a closer look in-hand. They’ve been confirmed to drop sometime in the holiday season, so stay tuned for firm release details and official images.

[Update 15 Jun 2023] According to reports, it seems like we are seeing a release of the Travis Scott x Nike Mac Attack. While official dates have yet to be confirmed, the pair is said to arrive during the holiday season via Travis Scott’s official webstore, Nike SNKRS and Tier 0 retailers with a retail price tag of $120. Until more details surface, take a look at the latest mock-up shared by @ovrnundr.io on the article slider above.

[Update 23 May 2023] Weeks after the rumoured sneaker’s initial appearance, Travis Scott has once again been spotted wearing the Nike Mac Attack, complete with Cactus Jack reverse swoosh! One image captures La Flame stepping out of his G-Wagon fully kitted out in tennis gear. The grey and black Mac Attacks, which were originally produced for legendary tennis champion John McEnroe, fit perfectly into the rest of Travis’ outfit–white Nike tennis socks, shorts and tracksuit jacket.

Another image pictures him walking with an entourage of others wearing the same tennis kit, providing a better look at the bright red Utopia logo emblazoned at the back of Scott’s custom jacket. Though this is the second time Travis has publicly displayed the new Mac Attacks, it is still unclear whether they will undergo general release or remain as F&F sneakers. Check out the new images in the slider above, or scroll down to read more about the history behind the original Mac Attack, as well as the rumors surrounding the new collaboration.


We previously found out that the Nike Mac Attack is slated to make its grand comeback after 40 years this year. While boutique Social Status‘ upcoming project has been rightly teased and anticipated, a new gigantic collaboration looms over the horizon: the Travis Scott x Nike Mac Attack.

During this year’s Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix, La Flame performed at the E11EVEN nightclub in John McEnroe’s signature silhouette. While it looked like the OGs that he previously wore on several occasions, keen onlookers quickly spotted something different: Cactus Jack’s reinterpretation of the classic Nike Swoosh was on the Mac Attack.

This quickly led to rumors swirling about the Mac Attack being Travis Scott’s next collaborative Nike sneaker. While no detailed images of the pair have surfaced yet, it looks like it will sport a grey and black color scheme that’s similar to its OG counterpart. As mentioned above, Travis Scott’s signature reverse Swoosh motif adorns the midpanel on its lateral side.

No official details regarding the Travis Scott x Nike Mac Attack have been announced just yet, but stick around and we’ll keep you updated as soon as possible. In the meantime, take an early look at the possible collaboration above.

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Images via Complex