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1st March 2023 EDT FEATURES

FACETASM: Looking Beyond the Garment

When fashion is more than just the aesthetics.


The French term “facet” may purely represent a single part or aspect of an entity, but to Japanese designer Hiromichi Ochiai, it is a reminder to look beyond the surface and bring new perspectives to the subject, just like his clothing.

“I want to create something that touches people’s hearts,” Ochiai once said in a media interview. Ochiai’s hopes of proving that fashion is more than just an aesthetic eventually led to the birth of his cult fashion label FACETASM.

How It Started

Founded in 2007, FACETASM has gone through pretty much everything—including a rough start. While all seems well now, the designer has experienced a time of having little to no people turn up at his showcase during the brand’s initial years.

It wasn’t until 2012 when his collection finally hit the Tokyo runways. In 2016, FACETASM was shortlisted as a finalist of “LVMH Young Fashion Designers Prize” and also awarded the winner of “Mainichi Fashion Grandprix”.

The following year marks FACETASM’s Paris Fashion Week debut, where the Tokyo-based brand finally broke into the consciousness of the fashion crowd and went on to receive wide recognition, both domestically and internationally.

Defining Its Style

Contemporary, avant-garde, streetwear or Mode—it’s tricky to place FACETASM’s style.

Right from the start, Ochiai, who used to work in a textile company, has established a set of recognizable house codes for FACETASM, albeit unknowingly. While oversized and asymmetrical cuts have become relatively common in recent years, these elements are and form an unmistakable part of the brand.

Ochiai’s attentiveness to materials and concepts are exceptionally pronounced on his brand’s collection. From unconventional usage of zippers, gum tapes and more, the designer manages to prove how a simple detail added is able to change the way one looks at garments.

“I was told that my style is very Tokyo-like or even super-layered but to be honest, I don’t really know because it’s where I grew up in and that’s how we have been dressing since young,” said Ochiai.


Just like any other brands, collaborations are also an essential part of FACETASM’s releases. The difference here though, is that the brand really does more than just placing their logo on something.

From partners like Nike to Disney and even Coca-Cola, the brand’s wide variety of collaborative offerings showcased a perfect balance of each brand’s signature elements, which ultimately proves how versatile Ochiai’s designs are, despite being labeled “unconventional”.

Convenience Wear

Admit it or not, designer fashion isn’t very ‘consumable’ for many. And that’s where Hiromichi Ochiai’s Convenience Wear comes in.

Initially started as a joint project with convenience store franchise Family Mart, the Convenience Wear series aims to provide a wide range of lifestyle essentials catering to the masses. With prices ranging from JPY390 to JPY2,990 (~US$3 to $22), it really all comes down to being able to access quality products at one’s convenience.

The Future

Consumerism has experienced a drastic change throughout the years, especially since the global pandemic started. Aside bringing quality products to the table, Ochiai has also expressed interest in venturing into new fields of fashion.

With the vision and potential that the brand holds, it’s safe to say that FACETASM is a name that one should look out for, especially when it comes to Japanese fashion.


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