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6th February 2023 EDT FEATURES

WIND AND SEA: An Individualistic Drive on Creation

Redefining the art of typography.


Simplicity comes in different forms, and it’s pre-eminent with WIND AND SEA. One of Japan’s leading lifestyle brands, it has drawn the attention and support of streetwear fans and celebrities—most notably Japanese actor Takuya Kimura—for its simple yet powerful messages conveyed through its clothing.

The Mind Behind: Takashi Kumagai

Founded in 2018, WIND AND SEA is the brainchild of Takashi Kumagai, a Japanese stylist/photographer widely known for his works with MEN’S NON-NO, GRIND and more. Originated from a somewhat surprising location, memorable surfing experiences at San Diego’s Windandsea Beach left Kumagai with a vow to name his brand after it.

Paying homage to ’90s street culture, the brand’s design philosophy exerts a dynamic approach to vintage aesthetics. As an individual who is not constraint by current trends, Kumagai seeks to offer timeless designs that does not fall into a seasonal cycle, but rather more on versatility.

Design Characteristics

Inarguably one of the brand’s signature motifs, the typography logo reflects Kumagai’s determination to create something that represents one’s youth—bold and effortless.

With a notable placement of “WIND” and “SEA” on different sides of garments, it indicates that the two elements are sometimes connected and sometimes separated from one another. Throughout the years, the brand has also offered multiple perspectives through different font variations of the logo.


Collaborations plays a significant part in WIND AND SEA’s catalogue. Finding the perfect balance between streetwear and lifestyle minimalism, the label seeks partners from various fields to offer a variety of products including but not limited to clothing.

Through past releases with HYSTERIC GLAMOUR, FACETASM, CASETiFY and of course—SNKRDUNK, the label showcased a playful yet classic take on their logo graphics with wordplay, which adds a unique outlook while staying true to their design philosophy.


Behind the Hype

With what the label has to offer, it’s tough to single out a specific reason to why WIND AND SEA sees the hype it receives. Alongside “simple”, “versatile” to name a few, exclusivity is definitely a notable point with its releases. With only two physical stores within Japan alongside an online store, products instantly sell out after going live on release dates.

While Kumagai’s approach to fashion with WIND AND SEA may not always reflect the trend that most are geared to, it certainly creates a market of its own with the likes of fashion enthusiasts.

Considering the rise in popularity of the brand throughout the years, it is definitely a brand that one should look out for henceforth, especially with more potential future collaborations to come.