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24th March 2023 EDT FEATURES

Selling on the SNKRDUNK App: Tips for a Higher Sell-Through Rate

Since the integration of the new Selling feature, your prospects have just gone from local to global. Although a larger customer base also means there are more like-minded sellers on the platform, here are some tips to help you cast a wider net.

Selling on the SNKRDUNK App: Tips for a Higher Sell-Through Rate
Selling on the SNKRDUNK App: Tips for a Higher Sell-Through Rate

Before proceeding, follow the steps here to make sure your account is properly set up to utilize the new feature. With that out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff!

1. Gauge Your Pricing Competitively

Highly likely, you hate math. And we do too, but like Thanos, basic economics is just “inevitable”. Boost your chances by—within reason—reducing your listing price. As the lowest seller on the platform, your item will rank higher among others listed in the same size.

It’s like shopping retail online, but without the hassle of finding the lowest prices. They’re already sorted to be the first thing buyers will see.

2. Pack Everything Correctly

Everybody ought to win on SNKRDUNK. Part of that is through our tenet that ensures every transaction that takes place within the platform is legitimate, every item authentic and new. Thus, our stringent appraisal guidelines. You can read more about how to pack for shipping but in summary:

a) Ensure the shoes are brand new or in deadstock condition—unused and unworn.

b) Include all accessories part of the primary distribution. That refers to keychains and hangtags, wrapping tissue with a special imprint, store bags, plastic shoe trees, postcards, stickers, etc. Basically, everything in the original package.

c.) Keep the shoebox in reasonable condition. Naturally, some minor damages may be incurred during shipping or storage, so we’ll exercise discretion on whether they still meet our authentication standards.

If any of the above aren’t met, we’ll have to reveal these discrepancies to the buyer. Not only will this prolong the process, but the transaction may also be voided should they choose not to proceed. So, let’s help all parties win by practicing integrity and due diligence.

3. Ship Faster, Sell More

Last but not least. How high your listing ranks depends on a trifecta. As mentioned earlier, keep your price lower than others. Next, ship faster and sell more.

In the process of listing your item, you’ll be prompted to choose a time window to ship it to our warehouse. This can be within one to three days. The earlier you can deliver it to us, the higher your placement.

In addition, the more transactions you perform over time, the stronger your credibility as a seller becomes, increasing your odds of a successful sale.

These are just some tips but like all things in life, there are plenty of moving parts with factors beyond your control. Consider the popularity of the shoes, the number of sellers, etc. Nonetheless, putting them into action will expand your sphere of influence over these things.

For a more comprehensive guide, head over to the Guideline section under the My Page tab on the SNKRDUNK App. If you haven’t downloaded it, you can do so here.

The Selling function is currently available for SNKRDUNK App users in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, India, Macau, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam and Singapore. We’re working on making this feature available to all users soon—stay tuned!


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