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29th December 2022 EDT RELEASES

First Look: Needles x Reebok Beatnik Moc

The anti-sneaker shall continue its rule into 2023.


The Beatnik in its initial form has always been divisive. Love it or hate it, it was ahead of its time. Although originally made in Brazil as part of Reebok’s Fall 1994 Outdoor line, it inherently gained cult status in Japan. An acquired taste in a fashion-forward country with a more adventurous palette.

Almost three decades on, the sandal–shoe hybrid is experiencing an uptick in popularity, forcing the Bok to give it an official reintroduction and a reinvention. Hence, the titular Beatnik Moc.

It’s a retrofitting, replacing the heel strap with a moc bootie design. It will continue to divide opinions but that’s also its charm. A design so unique that only the gens du monde will be bold enough to wear them. Bar the overhaul at the rear, the forefoot of the shoe sticks close to the blueprint with the thick exposed seam running up the center from the tip to the tongue. With the absence of the midfoot strap, Reebok’s branding is instead debossed onto the lateral.

Needles and Reebok have collaborated on the silhouette before and the purple butterflies seen on their first float above it again. Two colorways, “Core Black” and “Beige Mod” will make up two pairs each totalling four shoes, differing in the number and placement of the aforementioned butterflies.

Neither parties have disclosed a release date nor a price point, but it’s safe to expect the Beatnik Moc’s arrival to be within 2023. With official images already available, there’s reason to believe a release is imminent.

Elsewhere, ASICS work on their own unique outdoor-ready sneaker in the ASICS US2-S GEL-SONOMA 15-50 MT.

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