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3rd March 2023 EDT FEATURES

SNKRDUNK: the Leading Sneaker Marketplace App from Japan

For those who just joined, or anybody who'd like a refresher, here's a recap of where we're from, what we've accomplished, and what's in store for the future!

SNKRDUNK: the Leading Sneaker Marketplace App from Japan
SNKRDUNK: the Leading Sneaker Marketplace App from Japan

From veteran sneakerheads, to hobbyist collectors, to people just looking to get some nice new kicks, SNKRDUNK has provided a platform for a vast range of audiences. There’s so much going on as we expand our services worldwide, so it’s important to provide an occasional recap for those who are new to the game.

1. Where is SNKRDUNK from?

SNKRDUNK comes from the buzzing Shibuya of Tokyo, Japan. Besides the Shibuya headquarters, we’ve got other stores, authenticators, distribution centres and offices scattered around Japan.

SNKRDUNK Sneaker Worldwide Shipping Apparel Marketplace App Store Resale Sneakers New Verified Authentic

A lot has changed since our founding in 2018 – the SNKRDUNK app’s userbase has exploded to over 4.3 million monthly users, making SNKRDUNK the #1 sneaker marketplace in Japan with an 80% market share. Most importantly, SNKRDUNK has expanded its scope beyond Japan – to the whole world.

From our global headquarters in Singapore, SNKRDUNK International now aims to spread the love to all sneaker enthusiasts, everywhere. From an ongoing setup of the app’s global selling and authentication functions, to enhancing the SNKRDUNK Magazine and Media experience, there’s lots in store for our expansion!

For more on our origins, check out our interview of SNKRDUNK Global Director Kohei Hamada.

2. Is SNKRDUNK legit?

If you’ve been searching ‘SNKRDUNK legit’ or ‘SNKRDUNK fake’ online, we get it. When it comes to buying yourself items like grail sneakers or coveted streetwear, you’d want to be completely sure that what you’re getting is real. In fact, you’d want to make sure that you’re actually getting anything at all.

We’re here to tell you that yes, SNKRDUNK is legit. We’re fully committed to our promise of guaranteed authenticity, and continue to use every tool at our disposal – such as our huge database incorporating thousands of authenticated sneakers and new methods of appraisal using AI – to bring our authentication accuracy ever closer to perfection.

SNKRDUNK Sneaker Worldwide Shipping Apparel Marketplace App Store Resale Sneakers New Verified Authentic

As it is, our authentication centres boast an appraisal accuracy of 99.96%*, and this number continues to improve with every new sneaker that passes through them. In the unlikely case of an appraisal error or counterfeit product, we offer a 100% refund to protect SNKRDUNK’s users.

For further details on SNKRDUNK’s authenticity and accreditation, click here.

*Calculated from transaction and authentication data between 1 Mar 2021 and 31 Mar 2022.

3. How does SNKRDUNK authenticate sneakers?

As one of our key services, we put heavy importance on ensuring our authentication systems are fail-proof and of an extremely high standard. A team of SNKRDUNK’s trained appraisers will individually authenticate every single sneaker that passes through our facilities, checking it against our updated database to weed out counterfeit products. SNKRDUNK appraisers go into detail too, verifying aspects such as the upper material, colour, inner tag, sole height, embroidery, and even light emission using a black light as seen below.

SNKRDUNK Sneaker Authentication Apparel Marketplace App Store Resale Sneakers New Verified Authentic

The list of checks doesn’t stop there – SNKRDUNK appraisers then go on to check the boxes, labels and accessories, including specific fonts and text sizes, all so as to maintain our utmost standards of authenticity. Before a pair of sneakers get shipped to your door, a separate SNKRDUNK appraiser will repeat the authentication process, minimising any errors made and providing a last line of checks to ensure the product that arrives meets our verified authentic guarantee.

If you’d like a deeper look into our authentication and appraisal processes, read our article outlining the inner workings of our appraisal facilities.

4. Where does SNKRDUNK ship to?

SNKRDUNK currently ships to Australia, Brazil, Brunei, Cambodia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Macao, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, United States and Vietnam. This list continues to expand as we ramp up global operations, so if your country of residence isn’t currently on that list, follow us on our social media to get the latest updates!

SNKRDUNK Sneaker Worldwide Shipping Apparel Marketplace App Store Resale Sneakers New Verified Authentic

For more about SNKRDUNK’s shipping, here’s the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions.

5. What can I buy on SNKRDUNK?

If you didn’t know already, SNKRDUNK extends its authentication and shipping services across both sneakers and streetwear. From sneaker and streetwear giants like Nike and Off-White, to comparatively smaller brands like Clarks and NEIGHBORHOOD, the SNKRDUNK app covers the entire spectrum, bringing you the products that you want.

SNKRDUNK Sneaker Worldwide Shipping Apparel Marketplace App Store Resale Sneakers New Verified Authentic

Did you know? You can now shop in your local currency*, without the need for currency exchange at all with our updated SNKRDUNK app! For more on that, click here.

*Currently limited to USD, AUS, SGD and NZD, with further currency compatibility in the works.

All in all, the SNKRDUNK team are constantly increasing our efforts to bring you the best possible experience, whether you’re getting yourself some grail sneakers, shopping for hype streetwear, or simply enjoying our media content. Stay tuned, because there’s much, much more to come!