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How SNKRDUNK Authenticates Sneakers

Here at SNKRDUNK, every pair of sneakers goes through strict rounds of authentication, checked against our updated sneaker database.


1. Who We Are

SNKRDUNK Legit Authentic Sneaker Marketplace

Founded in 2018, SNKRDUNK is the number 1 sneaker and streetwear marketplace in Japan. Our platform has grown rapidly since then and we now boast 4.3 million monthly users.

With our ever-expanding customer base and business, SNKRDUNK has built up a reliable sneaker database with tens of thousands of appraisal records, and implemented fail-proof authentication measures when authenticating sneakers for both buyers and sellers.

2. The SNKRDUNK Guarantee

SNKRDUNK Authentication Legit

As sneaker lovers ourselves, we understand the anticipation of getting your hands on a coveted pair of sneakers, but also the worry of possibly receiving a fake.

At SNKRDUNK, we handle thousands of sneakers on a daily basis. With the sheer amount of transactions handled over the years, we have built up a huge database of both genuine and counterfeit products. This detailed documentation is being updated constantly and allows us to appraise and authenticate sneakers with an accuracy of 99.96%*.

To protect SNKRDUNK users and give you more peace of mind, we also practice a full compensation system. In the case of an appraisal error/counterfeit product, we will offer a 100% refund.

*Calculated from the number of transactions from 1 March 2021 to 31 March 2022.

3. SNKRDUNK Authentication Process

Authenticating the Sneaker

SNKRDUNK Authentication Legit Sneaker

As soon as a transaction occurs on the SNKRDUNK app, sellers are required to ship out their pairs to SNKRDUNK HQ as soon as possible. The payout from the buyer is held on by us until authentication of the sneakers is complete.

When your sneakers arrive at our centre, our team of trained authenticators proceed to ensure the item is both deadstock and authentic. Our team goes through a highly detailed checklist to verify the authenticity of a sneaker, from the upper material, color, inner tag, sole height to the embroidery on the insole etc. We also use blacklight, usually reserved for mineralogy and art appraisal, to check the points of light emission.

By referring to our up-to-date authentication database and comparing genuine sneakers against fakes, we are able to weed out counterfeit sneakers quickly.

Box and Accessories

SNKRDUNK Authentication Legit Sneaker

Our authentication doesn’t stop with the sneaker itself. We make sure that shoe boxes, labels and other accessories are undamaged and in its’ original condition. The font and text size also help indicate if a sneaker is legit or not.

Multiple Authentication Checks

SNKRDUNK Authentication Legit Sneaker

Towards the end, the authentication process is repeated at least one more time by a separate authenticator. This extra layer of verification helps reduce any human error and demonstrates our commitment to buyers that sneakers sold through our platform are and always authentic. The last step before we ship the shoes off to the buyer is attaching the SNKRDUNK appraisal badge to the sneaker for proof of authenticity. 

Once the authentication process is completed, the payout is then released to the seller. Subsequently, the sneaker will be sent out to the buyer.

In the event that an item is evaluated to be unauthentic or not deadstock, the transaction will be cancelled immediately and the item will be returned to the seller.

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