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15th November 2023 EDT FEATURES

Is SNKRDUNK Legit? Yes!

The number 1 sneaker and streetwear marketplace in Japan has officially arrived.

Is SNKRDUNK Legit? Yes!
Is SNKRDUNK Legit? Yes!
Snkrdunk Warehouse

We get it — in digital marketplaces where you can neither physically touch or see the product, the ability to prove this legitimacy is key. If you are so willing, lend us 5 minutes of your time for us to prove it. 

Is SNKRDUNK Legit & Authentic?

For all those that have scoured Reddit, Twitter, and Instagram for this answer, we are here to give our own statement: 100% yes!

SNKRDUNK Authentication Process

As the number 1 sneaker and streetwear marketplace in Japan with 4.3 million monthly users, we place an emphasis on our authentication process to ensure that every purchase results in a legit product. How it works is that when a purchase is made, sellers will first send over the item to our warehouse in Japan. There, our trusted and experienced team of authenticators will verify the product’s legitimacy through a series of checks. Once its authenticity has been confirmed, the item will be packaged securely and be safely sent out to the buyer.

SNKRDUNK Buyer Seller Process

The large volume we receive in Japan has also allowed us to continuously refine our database and knowledge on genuine and counterfeit products. From 1 March 2021 to 31 March 2022, we have achieved a 99.96% appraisal accuracy rate.

We also provide our buyers a peace of mind with a full compensation system. In the unlikely event that the product you received is suspected of being a counterfeit or violates any of our strict product guideline standards, we will refund the full amount to you.

Does SNKRDUNK Have Accredited Investors?

SNKRDUNK Warehouse Boxes

A little tidbit before we go into the details: SNKRDUNK’s parent company is actually Tokyo-based SODA Inc! That’s why you’ll see the a little signed “SODA Inc” on our delivery boxes to you.

As reported by Tech in Asia, SODA Inc and SNKRDUNK’s lead investor is SoftBank Ventures Asia, the VC arm of Japan’s leading SoftBank group that focuses on investment management. Other investors include Altos Ventures, JAFCO, and Korean sneaker reselling platform Kream.

SNKRDUNK Authentication Process Sneakers

SODA Inc and SNKRDUNK’s series of funding are channeled towards enhancing the digital experience of the sneaker marketplace (including the utilisation of AI in advanced authenticity verification) along with expansion into the rest of Asia.

In 2021, SODA Inc also acquired Monokabu, Japan’s second largest operator in the sneaker market, allowing SNKRDUNK to claim 80% of market share in Japan’s sneaker resale industry.

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The SNKRDUNK app is available now and we offer worldwide shipping! Download now, or check out our website today. For more on how to use SNKRDUNK app, click here.