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16th January 2023 EDT RELEASES

Andersson Bell & ASICS Unveil Whimsical GEL SONOMA 15-50 for Fall

The duo bring another display of exaggerated designs and colors for the Fall season.


[Update 16 Jan 2023] Contrary to what was purported earlier, a new release date has been announced. The trio is scheduled to drop on 20 January on Andersson Bell’s brick-and-click and select retailers like SNS and Slam Jam. There’s no word on what the price point is but we’ll find out eventually when D-Day comes in a few days. Accompanying this piece of news, official images have been shared. Enjoy looks at the thematic and whimsical trifecta!

[Update 17 Oct 2022] The fairy tale-esque world of Andersson Bell x Asics finally has a release date and closer looks! Slated to drop online on 31st Oct, 12PM KST (11AM SGT), on Andersson Bell’s web shop, the collection will come complete with whimsical apparel to complement the mystical capsule.

As explained on Andersson Bell’s official Instagram page, Asics world is where rare horned animals and humans live in harmony. At the story’s centre are the curiously playful Frocto, deft Fissit-tas and friendly plant Connie — characters which tie to a specific colorway of the Andersson Bell x Asics Gel Sonoma 1550. This entire collection exudes a lively naivety, which departs from the pair’s previous thriller-movie inspired Protoblast collaboration. For campaign photos, check out the slider gallery!

Juxtaposition is Korean label Andersson Bell’s forte. Known to blend eclectic Korean urban street style that favors bold prints and colors with Scandinavian aesthetics that lean towards minimalistic clean lines, the brand’s name itself embodies this idea. Andersson is a common Swedish surname while Bell refers to the temple bells found in Korea. It is no wonder that the brand has found a kinship with ASICS. Compared to its counterparts in the market, the Japanese brand’s use of overlays and paneling are nowhere near muted or pared back, yet its crowding of layers are always undercut with striking lines that slice through the models cleanly.

In their third meeting for the Fall 2022 season, Andersson Bell is now overhauling the ASICS Gel Sonoma 1550 with warm tones for the pumpkin spice months. Let out to play on their runway at the end of August,  three new colorways are spotted. The first is a deep brown that mimic fallen leaves. Green accents run through like veins across the shoe — perhaps a representation of a tree’s lush green that turns to a deep brown in colder seasons, but will inevitably return to its former greenery?

In a more playful approach to Fall, the next colorway takes on a bright combination of reds, oranges and yellows. Some pink and blue are also thrown into the mix for good measure. These strong pops of color were also employed by Andersson Bell in its sartorial display, making this piece the closest embodiment of the Korean label’s Fall lookbook.

Deep hues of yellow also join the collaborative palette, appearing on the toeboxes and panels of the Andersson Bell x ASICS Gel Sonoma 1550. The laces for this edition are a complementary orange while cool grey streaks cut through the shoe to prevent the shoe from looking too-warm in hues. This particular colorway was paired with a green tonal outfit, and we can see it being a versatile option for those hopping onto the GORPcore trend. This is especially so considering that the ASICS Gel Sonoma 1550 is, in its DNA, a trail shoe.

Details are still sparse on this collaboration, but we are confident that it is due to drop in the coming months, given its appearance in the Fall 2022 runway. Check back to SNKRDUNK Magazine to be kept up to date with the latest information on this launch.

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Images via @le.syndrome