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20th July 2022 EDT RELEASES

Did ASICS Just Make the World’s Coolest Slides?

Nicknamed the "super sandal", this marks the Japanese footwear giant's first entry into the slide and clog arena.


Centering around the idea of a cooling recovery slide for athletes post-race, ASICS has just dropped the ASICS ACTIBREEZE 3D Sandals. Made via 3D printing technology and featuring an all-over open lattice design, these sandals are supposed to provide outstanding breathability and comfort to the feet.

ASICS, the latest newcomer in the increasingly-crowded slide market, has called the ACTIBREEZE Sandals their “super sandal”. The honeycomb-inspired slides features a minimalistic design with rounded edges and appears in all black. Not only is its silhouette unique and eye-catching, it has also been tested to keep the temperature of the feet lower than other recovery sandals in the market.

With the 3D printing technique, the wide but stable footbed is also said to take on the contours of the wearer’s feet with time to deliver optimal comfort and help speed up recovery after a long, hard workout.

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