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29th May 2024 EDT RELEASES

[Pokémon TCG] Johto’s Pseudo-Legendary Like It’s Almost Never Seen: Tyranitar V (Single Strike Master [S5I] 077/070)

Perhaps the most "un-Tyranitar" portrayal on a Pokémon TCG card ever—but that's part of the appeal.

Pokémon TCG Tyranitar V

Tyranitar is probably best known for having been a staple of the metagame in the Pokémon video games for many years before finally falling off in the ninth generation. This was due to a combination of its massive base stat total as well as Sand Stream, its video game Ability which started a sandstorm the moment Tyranitar entered combat. That said, one of Tyranitar’s counterparts from the Pokémon TCG is no slouch itself.

This Tyranitar V card, a Super Rare (SR) card from Single Strike Master [S5I], is most notable for its Full Art illustration. It shows the pseudo-Legendary Pokémon in a rare moment of vulnerability—asleep under a tree as a Pignite sitting behind the tree looks on.

In another point that may increase this card’s appeal, that same Pignite from this illustration is featured on its own card in this set. That card zooms in on Pignite on its side of the tree. Cards which have connected illustrations often tend to be more sought-after due to the narrative element that they present.

There’s also a subtle nod to the Pokémon video games. On the left side of the illustration is a Leftovers—one of the most commonly-used held items in the video games for its capability to heal a small portion of the holding Pokémon’s HP at the end of every turn.

In English, this card is card 155/163 in the Battle Styles set.

The price of a Tyranitar V (Single Strike Master [S5I] 077/070) card is 23,999 JPY (~US$153).

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