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24th May 2024 EDT RELEASES

[Pokémon TCG] But Maybe This One Isn’t: Lt. Yoshida (Great Detective Pikachu [SMP2] 025/024)

If you know how we came up with that title: you know.

Pokémon TCG Lt. Yoshida

When the Detective Pikachu movie was released in 2019, there was initially much skepticism owing to the fact that many were unsure about just how Pokémon would fare in the context of a live-action film. Ultimately, it turned out to be a major hit—and as such, Creatures Inc. took full advantage by releasing the Great Detective Pikachu [SMP2] Pokémon TCG set. Of the cards in it, one of the most coveted ended up being the Lt. Yoshida card.

The image used as the card’s illustration features the police lieutenant of Ryme City with his Snubbull sitting in front of him. Just like those of every other card in this set, this card’s image was taken directly from the Detective Pikachu movie.

For this same reason, this card will appeal to fans of Ken Watanabe, the actor who played the role of Lt. Yoshida in the movie. Due to Watanabe’s extensive acting career of over four decades, this is a card which could possibly appeal as much to Boomers and Gen Xers as it would to Millennials and Zoomers.

Earlier this year, a sequel to the Detective Pikachu movie was announced. As the date of the sequel’s release approaches, expect the general level of demand for every card in this set, including this one, to increase significantly.

This card was not released in English.

The price of a Lt. Yoshida (Great Detective Pikachu [SMP2] 025/024) card is 12,500 JPY (~US$80) according to the most recent prices.

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